The Three Sisters (Jazz- Jazz Pop, Light Jazz ) by Steve Dafoe – Songwriter

Steve Dafoe - Songwriter

Broadjam Artist: Steve Dafoe – Songwriter
Song: The Three Sisters (Jazz- Jazz Pop, Light Jazz )

Reviewer: Kirk Cole

Positive Comments: I replay dig this. It’s so laid back, and cool. This sound takes me back to the days of going to the night spots in Manhattan, and chilling out with friends. I really like the horns, especially when the trumpets come in and out. I played trumpet years ago, and I’m just getting back into trumpet and saxophone. The tinkling piano also gives the piece that cool vibe.

Constructive Comments: This piece really works. Even as I’m going through the review, I’m already replaying the piece for a third time. It has that sound where it captures you, and has you listening, and grooving, and yet it gives a calm effect where I can do other things while the piece is playing. It’s perfect for a cool out spot setting where people get together for conversation and a few drinks. Well done.

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