Stay By My Side by John Masarone

John Masarone

Broadjam Artist: John Masarone
Song: Stay By My Side

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Great sound here on the drums and guitar. The intro guitar Jeez I love that chorus–really great lyrics/melody/changes moments there–it really soars. Just as good is the little turnaround just before the chorus–it reminds me of Julian Hatfield’s My Sister, which is a favorite of mine. And the turnaround, pause after the chorus also has a great guitar mood. Good choice of Motown backbeat on the bridge. About a minute in I realized this is John Masarone who’s one of the most talented guitarists & arrangers on the site! There are some sublimely good moments in this work.

Constructive Comments: You kinda lost me on the first verse–the intro had such a great mood with superb guitar part but then you really abruptly change gears–with kinda of wimpy jamband dang-a-lang strumming that’s overtracked. The voice is pitchy on the first verse and the phrasing/melody is kinda draggy. Man I wish I could just hang out and work on this tune with you. There is so much that’s great here!

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