HUSH by Earl.C.Webb


Broadjam Artist: Earl.C.Webb
Song: HUSH

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: John Lennon and Bowie got together here –did you use a Ouija board? That chorus is killer with a superb combination of words, phrasing and melody. The move into emotional falsetto on “the sweetest sound” is a tremendous moment, and the chord/melody drop on that final “oh oh oh” is just as cool. So is the lilting “things should never stay”. The drum track is both excellent sound and a superbly tasteful part. The guitars are just as good when the slightly overdriven guitar part comes in behind the chorus at 1:10 it’s freakin fantastic. The vocalist is so familiar but I can’t bring a name to mind. This is really great work!!

Constructive Comments: Keep the frog jumping contest harp/harmonica the hell out of this. The first verse has a vocal quality that turned me off at first–it’s way too boomy in low mid / bass range, and together with the slap back echo it makes the feel too campy. But when that chorus came in I was floored. The lyrics/melody on the first verse are great–what about a slightly lofi “I heard the news today oh boy” sound on that spot? That vocal quality intrudes in other places, and it’s a combination of the singing approach you’re taking and the EQ. I think the verse vocals are a bit too high in the mix?

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