Somewhere to Belong by Jeremy Price

Jeremy Price

Broadjam Artist: Jeremy Price
Song: Somewhere to Belong

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: This is a really nice piece with a melancholy beauty and an interesting variety in the arrangement. A lot of skill went into putting all this together in such a tight package.

Constructive Comments: EQ and instrument wise I think there are things that could be done to make this shine more in stereo but that’s super detailed and technical stuff.

Back To You by Margie & Art Corey

Margie & Art Corey

Broadjam Artist: Margie & Art Corey
Song: Back To You

Reviewer: James Burns

Positive Comments: Very good vocals as far as tone. Very nice quality of instruments.

Constructive Comments: I feel sick about saying this but I couldn’t understand most of the lyrics and I don’t know if it was supposed to be but was there meant to be that much echo? I would love to hear more from the artist cuz I get a feeling the quality is there.

If You’re Leavin Orchestral by Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller

Broadjam Artist: Joseph Miller
Song: If You’re Leavin Orchestral

Reviewer: Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat

Positive Comments: sounds like a movie soundtrack from the 50’s or 60’s,

Constructive Comments: it’s alright but I would like to see you mix this up just a little. the same tempo all the way through–no break of any kind. You could make this song much more dynamic if you added a break, a key change, a tempo stop, a tempo change, something to get back the listener’s attention as we all seem to go on automatic spaceland after about 10 seconds if we don’t do something to keep the listener awake.Keep on Truckin=================catnip====================

Christmas melody by Osea Codega

Osea Codega

Broadjam Artist: Osea Codega
Song: Christmas melody

Reviewer: Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat

Positive Comments: skipping along with butterflies is where this sends me,could be on a sound track somewhere!

Constructive Comments: just need to mix it up a bit change chords,keys,tempo, remember the listener gets bored after 10 secondskeep on truckin!=================catnip===================

Club 2045 by Jeremy Price

Jeremy Price

Broadjam Artist: Jeremy Price
Song: Club 2045

Reviewer: Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat

Positive Comments: sounds a little like a sci-fi track to me

Constructive Comments: we learn that the artist has about 10-15 seconds to bore the listener if the song does not keep moving this song stays on the same chord the whole timechange chord,speeds,keys,tempo,etc for a better performancekeep on truckin!==============catnip=====================