Winter Storm by Rocky Larson

Rocky Larson

Broadjam Artist: Rocky Larson
Song: Winter Storm

Reviewer: Sheena Coote

Positive Comments: This tune has an underlying sadness to it particularly at the beginning and I liked all the different instrumentation in it. It has a nice build up to a climax quite early on. The overall ambience was emotional with a gentleness and then a big build up to the more dramatic section. I like the piano sound and the main tune.

Constructive Comments: This tune would be good in a period drama when something exciting is about to happen. Perhaps a love scene or a departure. I thought it had a uniqness to some of the orchestration, not just run of the mill and I did love the cymbal clashing sound at the end. I thought it sounded like the writer had put a lot of work and thought into it and into the production.

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