Glass Ceiling by Powerklash


Broadjam Artist: Powerklash
Song: Glass Ceiling

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: If you’re looking for a rock song that totally celebrates self and individualism, this is it. “I make no apologies for being me” – the message comes through loud and clear with a memorable hook and decidedly passionate vocals. The song features an amazing lead guitarist. His riffs are pretty incredible and really add to the instrumental section of the song.

Constructive Comments: The first line that I could actually discern the words was “lost sense of connection.” Whatever you said before that was lost on me. I think the intro was a bit too long. The echo effects were okay but every time??? I’d like to look at this song after I post the review so I can catch all the lyrics. I might have given them a 5 if I could understand them all. Great work!

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