Conquerors by Birthe Noer Myers

Birthe Noer Myers

Broadjam Artist: Birthe Noer Myers
Song: Conquerors

Reviewer: Ante Novaselic

Positive Comments: I would really like to use a reinforcing cuss word of glory to describe how awesomely refreshing it was to listen to this song. I have heard this type of music before ,but it’s been a while and I never thought I would get to hear & review one on Great inflection/dynamics in the narrators story telling voice. The history lesson and historical figures the author chose were on spot and it took me the listener in this case with a affinity for history on a little refresher !!! history lesson journey through time. Well Well Well Done. Hats off!!

Constructive Comments: It takes balls to do unique songs like this one and do it well cuz i think in a song like this one so much can go wrong if all the elements to the track are near flawless. It also reminded me of a song from my childhood that is similar in character to this piece. It reminded me of the classic “Conjunction Junction Whats your function” different but the same. Great work!!

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