Even Now (Jimmy Michaels Night Mix) by Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Roberts
Song: Even Now (Jimmy Michaels Night Mix)

Reviewer: Margie & Art Corey

Positive Comments: I have already heard this tune before, so this is an easy review! Great, Great & Great!! Killer vibe, Giant vocal, awesome instrumentation, Hummm?? What’s left to say and I believe I recognize this vocalist, who by the way, needs a Record Deal for all his tremendous tunes!!! Come on Broad Jam, help this songwriter out and send him a contract, so other Broad Jam songwriters can get their songs reviewed LOL!!!Super Job………..

Constructive Comments: Nothing to add, just a very Cool composition!! Look forward to the next song!!!Peace Out…………

Stronger (instrumental version) by Nigel Barrett

Nigel Barrett

Broadjam Artist: Nigel Barrett
Song: Stronger (instrumental version)

Reviewer: Sound Preservation Records

Positive Comments: Very soothing and well written piece here. Has similar feel to some of Giorgio Moroder’s love theme score work in the 80’s era.

Constructive Comments: Nothing to add, it’s a great piece and both mixed and recorded well.

Capitola Cliffs (Instrumental – from “Peak To Peak)) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: Capitola Cliffs (Instrumental – from “Peak To Peak))

Reviewer: Felice Kaye-Cooper / Songwriter

Positive Comments: In my opinion this song crosses over multiple genres. Would make a great soundtrack

Constructive Comments: Had a World Quality to the piece. Didn’t feel a sense of Jazz till almost the end. Good work!