Wrapped Up In Rain (ft. CoriAnder & Ruth Gillies) by David James

David James

Broadjam Artist: David James
Song: Wrapped Up In Rain (ft. CoriAnder & Ruth Gillies)

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: I like the sequenced keys that are lifting this throughout–it gives a triumphant, airy feeling. Great vocal timbre and performance. This is a vocalist that reaches out to the heart, and the doubling and backing vocals are well done. Nice lyrics that seek to inspire.

Constructive Comments: This is very good, and I think it can be even better. The production is a bit 80’s, and the tune wants to be more current. If you listen to the current popular tunes they go more with a big kick pulse and less of a traditional kit drum approach. More of a constant throbbing pulse instead of drop outs and tom fill / cymbal sections. I’d like to work with you on this if you’re interested.

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