Hang On by Powerklash


Broadjam Artist: Powerklash
Song: Hang On

Reviewer: Fred Kimmel

Positive Comments: Excellent work! Beautiful tune. Gorgeous arrangement with Vocal, Acoustic Guitar and Bass. Had to listen more than once.

Constructive Comments: Took two listens to this piece. It really grabbed me. Normally, when I dig a song this much, I usually just say “Can’t think of anything”. I first was listening through my laptop speakers and was a little frustrated that I had a hard time making out the lead vocal in the mix. I put on a pair of headphones midway and the problem was solved. For people who might be listening to this in a low fi environment, I would suggest either nudging the vox up a hair, hitting the vocal with a smidgen more compression or maybe just a very small touch more high end, so they cut through a little better.

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