Ever Since the Rainbow by Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Roberts
Song: Ever Since the Rainbow

Reviewer: Ante Novaselic

Positive Comments: Cool cool tune. I really liked the spacey lyrics and effect on the vocals. A very cool guitar solo and overall vibe throughout the song. Good work putting this one together

Constructive Comments: Not much to add here. One of the better songs I have heard on Broadjam. Cheers

2 Timin’ in 3/4 Time by Bobby Caputo

Bobby Caputo

Broadjam Artist: Bobby Caputo
Song: 2 Timin’ in 3/4 Time

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Excellent play on the trope “two timing in 3/4 time” and merging into that is clever, and it works. On the bridge I’m pretty sure this is Bobby Caputo, with that smooth tenor. What a nice middle section. The writing here is John Prine quality!

Constructive Comments: You need a little bit of intro to set up the song first. You might be overdoing the phrasing on the verses where there’s the setup phrase and response–maybe vary the response a bit more with some loose extra shout vocals added? The guitars are a bit midrange thin–hearing a richer sound would add a lot. And you need to tag the end more definitely.

Wrapped Up In Rain (ft. CoriAnder & Ruth Gillies) by David James

David James

Broadjam Artist: David James
Song: Wrapped Up In Rain (ft. CoriAnder & Ruth Gillies)

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: I like the sequenced keys that are lifting this throughout–it gives a triumphant, airy feeling. Great vocal timbre and performance. This is a vocalist that reaches out to the heart, and the doubling and backing vocals are well done. Nice lyrics that seek to inspire.

Constructive Comments: This is very good, and I think it can be even better. The production is a bit 80’s, and the tune wants to be more current. If you listen to the current popular tunes they go more with a big kick pulse and less of a traditional kit drum approach. More of a constant throbbing pulse instead of drop outs and tom fill / cymbal sections. I’d like to work with you on this if you’re interested.

Good Music by Jeff Ashbaker

Jeff Ashbaker

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Ashbaker
Song: Good Music

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: I like the groove and the changes on the acoustic. And I’m always ready to cheer for Jerry Reed. Nice concept and a perfect voice for this kind of song. Very tight band arrangement and playing.

Constructive Comments: Maybe bump the tempo up just a couple bpm? I think it drags just a little bit at this tempo. Or loosen up the rhythm section a bit to make it more jangly and playful. It’s a little more sombre than what you want, eg a celebratory feeling.

Love never Fails by Rocky Larson

Rocky Larson

Broadjam Artist: Rocky Larson
Song: Love never Fails

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Classical Post Romantic is a heavyweight genre to take on. I think I’d put this in New Age for it’s elegant simplicity and soothing vibe. The arrangement is balanced and there’s a clear sense of progression from a core motif. This is a very pleasant listen!

Constructive Comments: Horns are such a challenge if you can’t hire an orchestra.

Grindleton by Powerklash


Broadjam Artist: Powerklash
Song: Grindleton

Reviewer: Jeremy Price

Positive Comments: Great work! Solid grooves and killer shredding. Drums are well played and compliment the groove nicely. Riffs stay fresh and keep it interesting.

Constructive Comments: The soft ending without a hard sting out kind of threw me off. Other than that, I may have dialed down the hi-hats in the mix just a touch but overall excellent work.

Didn’t We Almost Make It a by Joseph Miller

Joseph Miller

Broadjam Artist: Joseph Miller
Song: Didn’t We Almost Make It a

Reviewer: Lauren McNally

Positive Comments: I really loved the lyrics, they were emotional and emotion was really conveyed through the lyrics. I thought the simplicity of the single vocal melodyline was extremely effective in making the listener feel almost in touch with the song as if we were the one who almost ‘made it’ with someone. Although further instrumentation would add to the song, I personally feel that too many instruments would take away from the delicacy of this song.Your song is fabulous!I hope this helps 🙂

Constructive Comments: To improve, try adding a simple piano counter melody and chords (this shouldn’t be ‘in the listeners face’ or overpowering). The lyrics, as mentioned before, I absolutely adore. I feel they are very personal but also catchy with a great hook to lure the listener in. However, I think the different sections of the song could be more distinctive, just to add variation to the piece.But overall, I love it!