Bernadelle (Instrumental) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: Bernadelle (Instrumental)

Reviewer: Patrick E. Muth/Catnip Pat

Positive Comments: ok, you can take five! Nice fresh sounds here

Constructive Comments: ok now that the break is over go right back in there and do it again!Really enjoyed this-especially your miking of the drums!All the Best!================Catnip===================

happy panic by Hartmut Oberdieck

Hartmut Oberdieck

Broadjam Artist: Hartmut Oberdieck
Song: happy panic

Reviewer: Jeremy Price

Positive Comments: Had no idea that electronic intro was going to glide into a nice classic rock riff. Great vibe and grooves! You have a solid take on writing very consumable arrangements while keeping the listener surprised every 16 bars. I enjoy not knowing where songs are going to go your track blends the two of familiarity with the unexpected very well.

Constructive Comments: I really don’t have anything negative to say. Only maybe I would end on a tighter ending of a button ending or stinger. Great work!

Climb by Powerklash


Broadjam Artist: Powerklash
Song: Climb

Reviewer: Jeremy Price

Positive Comments: Dig the vibe. Nice blend of of modern sound with a hint of classic rock. Really dig the lead riff in the turn around before the verse. Nice arrangement. Nice orchestral tie in at the end. Keep up the good work!

Constructive Comments: Only feedback I would give is that I would personally dial down the lead tone at 1:38, but that’s more of a personal preference.

Christmas Jig 2015 by Bob Bentley

Bob Bentley

Broadjam Artist: Bob Bentley
Song: Christmas Jig 2015

Reviewer: Jeremy Price

Positive Comments: Great instrumentation and great reference to established holiday songs. I really like the out of the box approach with rock drums and that fierce organ. This a fun upbeat piece.

Constructive Comments: Only feedback I would have is that I feel your sampled drum sound could be enhance by adjusting/fluctuating the velocities with the midi just a bit. Overall, great job!