Midnight Impulse by robert wesley

robert wesley

Broadjam Artist: robert wesley
Song: Midnight Impulse

Reviewer: Dana and Brad

Positive Comments: This instrumental piece has a simple beauty to it, which I have found is very rare. It’s touching, engaging, and moving… without trying to be… It just is. It pulls you in, sparks your emotions, and keeps you wanting more from the very start. The piano work is impeccable. The musician has a lovely way of creating dynamic while maintaining a beautiful and refreshing simplicity. Love this piece…

Constructive Comments: I wouldn’t change a thing about this arrangement. Could some strings and percussion add some depth? Sure…but don’t! That would be far too predictable. The true beauty of this instrumental piece is the unexpected moving, emotional impact that is so beautifully portrayed by a simple foundation and an intricate and skilled instrumental choice of dynamics. Can’t wait to hear more!

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