Broadjam Artist: RICARDO ALONSO
Song: Rock Show

Reviewer: Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Positive Comments: Really nice groove, hard driving and the performances are solid…. interesting and fresh, with lots of passion. Love the power chords and all keyboard stuff. Surprises are abundant.

Constructive Comments: Ok the super bad glitch in the beginning is a real turn off, about blew my speakers up. I’m sorry but you can not put music out with audio problems like that, it is just not professional. Song should start at 1 no more than 2 seconds, yours started at 4 seconds. Yes I know the recording is old, just keep these production standards in mind moving forward. So obvious early Genesis – Yes – UK – Dream Theater vibe but the song is very original . Vocals please, song is very interesting as an instrumental but a little bit of vocals would give it much more accessibility.

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