That’s All Right by Wayne Ammons

Wayne Ammons

Broadjam Artist: Wayne Ammons
Song: That’s All Right

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: This is a really polished and professional effort all around. Great vocals, solid writing, super tight arrangement, and instrumental performances. There’s some killer guitar work, really solid rhythm section and nice sax soloing. Cool conga work adds a slinky Latin feel to this as does some excellent changes throughout. Well done!

Constructive Comments: The intro sax solo fights for space with the guitar in the mix, and I don’t think the solo there is enough of a statement for a attention grabbing intro. The guitar tone is a bit too dry IMO and I’d like to hear some tubes breathing (think Ray Parker Jr w the Crusaders). I’d argue for being able to hear the snare distinctly.I think most important at all is that it could use more of a lyrical hook on the chorus. “that’s alright” is pretty weak and cliche. But “you just can’t deny” could be really strong if you wrote around that as the hook How about a guitar lick after “some you don’t” Albert or Buddy would do that.Adding a “sister chorus” on backup vocals would be a tremendous boost.It’s very solid work regardless!!

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