Charlie Shock

Broadjam Artist: Charlie Shock

Reviewer: Ante Novaselic

Positive Comments: Overall the bands performance on this track was solid. I could tell that they put some time into crafting the song. The rhythm section locked in nicely and the stops throughout the song were well placed. This band reminds me of something Newfound Glory would do with a healthy dose of some Blink 182….

Constructive Comments: The lyrics were hard for me to understand at times and I think the reason for that is because there were so many of them trying to fit in to the songs melody, but that could be bands songwriting style and the way the singer likes to sing. I would have to hear more of their songs to make a better assessment. The quality and clarity of the mix and recording all together is probably where I would like to see the biggest improvements. Why? because if you are out to get a labels attention and ultimately a deal and with all the competition every band or artist is up against you need to have a product that stands out and cuts through more. I hope you see my critique as coming more from a constructive angle rather then anything else.

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