It’s a Girl by Jon Babb

Jon Babb

Broadjam Artist: Jon Babb
Song: It’s a Girl

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Very nice arrangement giving a sense of things growing , perhaps rising up out of the ground, or perhaps internally.

Constructive Comments: I did feel like the change that came at about 45 seconds was a little abrupt and maybe out of context. But overall it’s a very nice arrangement giving a distinct mood and sensibility. Orchestral parts are nicely written.

Shapeshifter by Jon Babb

Jon Babb

Broadjam Artist: Jon Babb
Song: Shapeshifter

Reviewer: B&S

Positive Comments: Great orchestral impact, I like very much the arrangement and the sound. I think this track could be a perfect soundtracks.

Constructive Comments: It seems that there are two different songs joined together, maybe there is a third one too…. and I need to listen it to have a complete idea about the structure.

Moments Long Forgotten by Randy Calligan

Randy Calligan

Broadjam Artist: Randy Calligan
Song: Moments Long Forgotten

Reviewer: Jimmy Joe Lee

Positive Comments: What did I like? The raspy quality of the performers voice and the mood of the recording. Your on the right track.

Constructive Comments: Theres’ much to work with here. To me, the song is too long. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say the recording is too long. Unless you have something exciting going on… 3 to 3.5 minutes is max. I couldn’t get the lyric picture straight. It was something about a school bus and reflections in the window. I like the idea, the imagery but couldn’t figure out if it was the singers daughter or ??? As I said I like the feel of the recording but it needs some polishing.

chicago girl by lost on foot

lost on foot

Broadjam Artist: lost on foot
Song: chicago girl

Reviewer: Jimmy Joe Lee

Positive Comments: Let me say upfront that I dislike critiquing other songwriters. All of us are trying our damnedest to create good songs and having fun doing it. The instrumentation is good. I like the single line guitar fill the shows up two or three times. The words are clearly understood. The lyrics seem dated. I think of the 1967 hit “Georgy Girl” by the Australian group The Seekers. I’m not at all suggesting your song is a copy of that one. I just wanted to give you a frame of reference.

Constructive Comments: Aside from the dated aspect I mentioned above, I have a problem with the vocal quality of the performer. I don’t mean to be unkind but I must be honest. Being honest as to my thoughts, I hasten to add, doesn’t mean Im right.

In my Time by Floyd Kelly

Floyd Kelly

Broadjam Artist: Floyd Kelly
Song: In my Time

Reviewer: Jimmy Joe Lee

Positive Comments: This type of music for me, is primarily background or meditational. I listen to it on low level when reading or meditating, to create a mood. I find it hard to analyze this genre in the context of a song. When I say I consider it mood music, that is not at all meant to be critical. Various situations call for a certain kind of music.

Constructive Comments: The piano or synth was a bit too loud for my taste. That is of course subjective. I preferred the treatment of last 60 seconds. Dreamy and not as jarring. Good stuff however.