Sepias Waltz by Floyd Kelly

Floyd Kelly

Broadjam Artist: Floyd Kelly
Song: Sepias Waltz

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: This is a solid concept. It’s a really mellow piece with some sophisticated compositional skill at work. I really like the string patches, and there are some very nice diminished chords that come at the right moment. A few tweaks and this could really be a soothing feature tune.

Constructive Comments: The midi “band in a box” quality of most of the instruments really holds this back. There must be some patches that would be better for the guitar and bass parts. The very rapid flourishes on the keys have a Baroque sound that works against the mellow vibe. I’d argue that more languid, slow lead key parts would work so much better. The bass needs to be fuzzier and less defined so it’s more of a warm glow underneath. There are a couple off notes on the main keys. I’d be tempted to move the drums more to a pulse feeling instead of a defined trap kit sound. For the main key part I’d go for a harp sound with lots of delay for a dreamy sound.

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