Almost Jumped In by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: Almost Jumped In

Reviewer: Dana and Brad

Positive Comments: I love the beat! This instrumental piece is extremely versatile and I could imagine hearing it as accompaniment for a wide array of movie trailers or background music for TV series across a wide array of genres. The simplicity in combination with the clearly professional instrumentation and production quality is what makes this song special in my eyes.

Constructive Comments: I really like this and I really don’t have much criticism as a general matter. Of course, I could advise you to add more dynamic and more of an instrumental “hook” that captures one’s attention and draws them in emotionally. However, something tells me that this piece was made for movies and TV soundtracks. If I am right about what your intended purpose happens to be, than it’s perfect! Should you not have considered this, you should absolutely give it a shot. This song is great for commercial purposes!

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