Staying power( madsion Shea Vocals) by amy abernathy

amy abernathy

Broadjam Artist: amy abernathy
Song: Staying power( madsion Shea Vocals)

Reviewer: John Masarone

Positive Comments: It has been a few weeks since I reviewed a song. I thought I should get out of my comfort zone. I chose to review Country. For the most part I don’t really like Country. Then I heard this song. WOW! Really nice everything! Congratulations! You got straight 5’s out of me and I don’t usually do that. Really. I don’t give out 5 stars to make friends. 5 stars are for “Love it.” That’s how I rated your song. Good luck. I leave you with my highest complement, I wish I wrote it!

Constructive Comments: I listened on Bose headphones. Usually I listen on my studio monitors. The mix is great. Songwriting, arranging, recording, and mixing, all art. All somewhat, if all, subjective. I think I’m pretty good in all the above art but I think your work is going to make me try harder.

Absurd of the World by HarryBudini


Broadjam Artist: HarryBudini
Song: Absurd of the World

Reviewer: robert wesley

Positive Comments: HAs an old school gothic dark feel to it.. nice job

Constructive Comments: The reason I gave this a 3 star total is I felt it was a little dull in some areas and quite hissy….I feel it could have had a little more added into it that would have added to your feeling good job keep up the good work

Don’t Wait My Heart / Country by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: Don’t Wait My Heart / Country

Reviewer: Laura Adamowsky

Positive Comments: Pretty song, from the intro it caught my attention. The song has a nice soft easy going vibe. I really enjoyed listening to the song but could not determine a perfect placement for it. Wondering what your intention is for the song. I don’t think it is for radio placement. Perhaps for a film?The recording and arrangement was very clean as well. I enjoyed the song and look forward to hearing more from you.

Constructive Comments: As mentioned above, could not determine a specific placement direction which could also be s good thing if it can be placed widely. The lyrics are sweet but not as original/ strong as they could be.If you thingk of rerecorfung, I would consider making the bridge a little stronger too. But all in all a very nice tune.

That’s What Country Is by Nick Berry

Nick Berry

Broadjam Artist: Nick Berry
Song: That’s What Country Is

Reviewer: Laura Adamowsky

Positive Comments: From the first note,you captured my attention. Great best and vibe, also no with fabulous heart filled vocals. Very professional production as well. This song is clearly ready for placement, if it has not been placed already. Great work, and I would have liked be to heart more of your music!

Constructive Comments: I have no critique on this song as it sounds perfect as is. Don’t mess with what doesn’t need fixin”… sounds like a new song title!

Sepias Waltz by Floyd Kelly

Floyd Kelly

Broadjam Artist: Floyd Kelly
Song: Sepias Waltz

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: This is a solid concept. It’s a really mellow piece with some sophisticated compositional skill at work. I really like the string patches, and there are some very nice diminished chords that come at the right moment. A few tweaks and this could really be a soothing feature tune.

Constructive Comments: The midi “band in a box” quality of most of the instruments really holds this back. There must be some patches that would be better for the guitar and bass parts. The very rapid flourishes on the keys have a Baroque sound that works against the mellow vibe. I’d argue that more languid, slow lead key parts would work so much better. The bass needs to be fuzzier and less defined so it’s more of a warm glow underneath. There are a couple off notes on the main keys. I’d be tempted to move the drums more to a pulse feeling instead of a defined trap kit sound. For the main key part I’d go for a harp sound with lots of delay for a dreamy sound.