your my best friend with “Cyndi corkraN” by The Song Writers

The Song Writers

Broadjam Artist: The Song Writers
Song: your my best friend with “Cyndi corkraN”

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Big like here–I love the groove and the keys. The intro totally pulls me in. Great work on the drums. It sounds like 70’s Fleetwood Mac meets Roxy Music. It’s obviously the Bayou Song Mavens and the Arkansas Siren working together again, but I haven’t heard this. This is sweet.

Constructive Comments: I think the vocals are too far back. I keep wanting Cyndi to sing more front of the mouth and not go loose with the Sheherazade vocals. I’d rein it in a bit and make it more concise. Wish I was spending a month in a studio with you guys working on an album.

Tree of Life by Lisa Vivienne

Lisa Vivienne

Broadjam Artist: Lisa Vivienne
Song: Tree of Life

Reviewer: Ante Novaselic

Positive Comments: The Instrumentation of this track is nice as is the over all arraignment. The vocalist has a nice voice and a believable voice. For the type of music and genre this song falls into I think believability and expressing it well is a very important thing. Good job Ms. Vocalist

Constructive Comments: This song isn’t what I normally listen to on a day to day but I went into it with a open mind and ears trying to be constructively critical and the only thing I could really come up with after the song ended was that I wished I could hear the other instruments more in the mix because I could tell that there was a nice arraignment going on beneath the vocal but I had to strain a little to really hear it. Other then that, good job!!!

She Won’t Need Me by Nick Berry

Nick Berry

Broadjam Artist: Nick Berry
Song: She Won’t Need Me

Reviewer: Michael Cregan

Positive Comments: Strong piano opening. Good voice and very good vocal sound. I like the lyrics–very easy to grab onto the concept and meaning of the song. Easy to relate to and put yourself in the singer’s shoes. I like the hook.

Constructive Comments: Not a ton to suggest. The main thing is that the chorus needs to be set off a bit more musically. Part of this may be the dynamics and build. The piano maybe too strong during the verse so that it blends and bleeds into the chorus–too much of a good thing or too much of the same thing. Either way, does not allow the chorus to stand out. I’d do the strong intro, then back way off on the piano on the verse and come back strong on the chorus.

Living in the Trees by Jeff Roberts

Jeff Roberts

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Roberts
Song: Living in the Trees

Reviewer: Ante Novaselic

Positive Comments: I liked some of the guitar players riffs and over all tone. The solo had a nice little Uni-Vibe or maxed out chorus thing going on and a nice little wah wah touch at the end of the solo to show another part in the song was coming up. Nice touch! For some reason it reminds me of something Tom Petty would do without the HeartBreakers!

Constructive Comments: Not much left to say except maybe that the song was a bit longer then I think it should have been. I think a song like this should be about 3:30 long. Other then that it’s a alright song!

Showdown by Jeff Maguire

Jeff Maguire

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Maguire
Song: Showdown

Reviewer: Chip Salerno

Positive Comments: I Absolutely love this. It sounds new and old at the same time. Rock, country, psychedelic. The whole kitchen sink. Fantastic! Modern spaghetti western. There’s such a unique mixture of stuff here. If this doesn’t find its way to a licensing opportunity, I’d be really surprised. This could work in so many contexts.

Constructive Comments: I would not change a thing about this.

PET SONG by Ronald Arduini

Ronald Arduini

Broadjam Artist: Ronald Arduini

Reviewer: Chip Salerno

Positive Comments: This is really charming in a naive sort of way. I think with a little bit of reworking, this could be a really effective piece of children’s music. I like the simplicity of the arrangement, lyrics and tune. There’s also a really nice lo-fi vibe about this.

Constructive Comments: It has a bit of a “demo” quality to it. It almost feels like it was being worked out on the spot. There’s a sort of lo-fi aesthetic about it that I really like and would hate to see it lose through too much re-working. I think the vocals should maybe be re-done. They seem a bit tentative and maybe too far forward in the mix.