Holy Lullaby by Lisa Vivienne

Lisa Vivienne

Broadjam Artist: Lisa Vivienne
Song: Holy Lullaby

Reviewer: Jimmy Joe Lee

Positive Comments: The opening of the recording is very ear arresting. The melody has an Asian quality which I like. The singer also, at least in this song, has that same feel. The song calls to mind a hit from way back when 1963 i believe. http://www.npr.org/2013/06/28/196618792/bittersweet-at-no-1-how-a-japanese-song-topped-the-charts-in-1963

Constructive Comments: I think the song is held back by the recording process used. I’m not sure exactly what the problem is. There is a sound conflict of some kind. It may a variety of things. The recording starts out very clear. Then, when the song starts with the vocal and other instruments, what should be clear, isn’t.I wish I could be more descriptive. I’m not a sound engineer. The ingredients to bake the cake are there. I suggest listening to the recording found at the above link. Its very clear and even though its in a language you are most likely unfamiliar with, you’ll hear the emotional clarity your recording should have to make it something special.

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