Smooth & Easy by FRED GROSS


Broadjam Artist: FRED GROSS
Song: Smooth & Easy

Reviewer: Chet Nichols

Positive Comments: Nice clean recording. Simple and engaging arrangement. Quality instrumentation. A good track for a TV show or film. Nice backing track for media opportunities. Has a retro 50’s-60’s vibe to it. Also, has fun, almost humorous feel to it.

Constructive Comments: The song seems to have two sections. The front end has more of a country feel to it and then the back end has a simple country blues flavor to it. I don’t hear this as being a Chicago Blues track. This is a nice track, but I would nudge up the bass a notch or two and move the drums more out front. Would I be wrong to think that this song has lyrics and that this version is an instrumental “lift” form that track?Anyway, best of luck and thanks for sharing….

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