Holy Lullaby by Lisa Vivienne

Lisa Vivienne

Broadjam Artist: Lisa Vivienne
Song: Holy Lullaby

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: It’s a sweet Jesus Lullaby! So pretty! The introduction sets the song up nicely for the gentle, loving female vocal that’s right on target pitch-wise. The idea of the song is very original…a prayer asking the Lord to sing her a lullaby…never heard anything like that before. The production and instrumentation are top notch. I absolutely love the piano and guitar coming in…whoever produced this did an amazing job. Keep up the good work!

Constructive Comments: I think the strongest part (lyrically) of your song is the first verse the weakest is the last verse. Rhyming find with found…just doesn’t work for me. The only other lyrical problem I noted was “It lifts me up so high it’s hard to breathe.” That’s problematic. You can use the breathless thing for falling in love. I’ve been in high elevations where it’s hard to breathe…but that is not a pleasant sensation. So when I am picturing this…it’s not a comfortable word picture for a lullaby. Maybe that’s picky, but I’m trying to be constructive. Hold me, Holy. That SOUNDS good but it’s like….holy is an adjective. So that doesn’t work for me, either. I think that you should make your outro as beautiful as your intro. Why not end the song with the same sweetness it began with? Anyway, I really do like your song!

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