Born To Dance by Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor

Broadjam Artist: Keith Taylor
Song: Born To Dance

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: I absolutely love this song! My guess is that you wrote it for a real person that you know. If you didn’t, well, you sure convinced me, anyway. The lyric writing is top notch and the melody and guitar playing are just perfect for this tune. My favorite rhymes are soars/floor. Page/stage. I just love the lyrics the story is completely real and believable…the perfect ingredients for a five star country song. The word pictures in verse one set the song up nicely and the chorus and hook, instrumentation and production are phenomenal. Great job, songwriter!

Constructive Comments: Even though I gave this song high marks, I have a couple of comments. The chorus is great and I totally understand the overlaps. BUT maybe they would sound better if the secondary vocal coming in was “coming from another place” or a little gentler than the strong primary vocal. Instead of complementing each other, they seemed like they were competing with each other. Another possibility might be a bit of a female vocal backup…but I am not so sure about that suggestion. The OOOooo part might sound a little better with a gentler sound…but now I am getting way too picky. Anyway, after I finish this review I am sending this song to a friend of mine who is a dancer. I bet she’ll love it. I sure did!

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