Semi-Sweet by Bill Dake

Bill Dake

Broadjam Artist: Bill Dake
Song: Semi-Sweet

Reviewer: Carol Ann Jones

Positive Comments: I like this song, full of originality and a challenging arrangement. The lyrics are interesting and charming. The vocal is emotive and effective. Very cool song, good luck with this.

Constructive Comments: At times the instrumentation is busy and fighting with the vocal for center stage in the song. Like I said in the positive comments, its a challenging arrangement – just needs a little more polish.

Christmas , The 25th (Country Version) by Signal 30

Signal 30

Broadjam Artist: Signal 30
Song: Christmas , The 25th (Country Version)

Reviewer: Carol Ann Jones

Positive Comments: I’m thinking this is a holiday song for kids. Simple beat and instrumentation. The female vocal is nice, I imagined its a mother/daughter singing together. Good song length.

Constructive Comments: Quite pitchy and strange effect on the male vocal, causing a muffled sound. I can’t understand all the lyrics. It is needing some excitement, sounding too oompah-pah and matter of fact. Maybe add jingle bells and cheers from the kids.

why has love got to be so sad by DENNIS MAKEPEACE


Song: why has love got to be so sad

Reviewer: Carol Ann Jones

Positive Comments: Nice melody and a strong hook. The rhyming is good but seems a bit forced at times. Good harmonies in the right places. Good luck with this song!

Constructive Comments: Some of the lyrics seem a little jammed into the verse, wordy. A key change on the last verse would be beneficial to make the song more dynamic. That’s what’s lacking, dynamics. There’s no build and release.

We Say I Love You / Country by Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods

Broadjam Artist: Uncle Spider & The Electric Dirt Clods
Song: We Say I Love You / Country

Reviewer: Carol Ann Jones

Positive Comments: I like a song worked out for a duo – I’ve written one, and it wasn’t easy. The lyrics and parts are worked out nicely in this song. Very nice vocalists, not country sounding, but nice pop. I like the backing vocals. The piano and guitar in the solo section and build up are very nice.

Constructive Comments: The music in the verses and chorus seems too canned, synthesized. Doesn’t fit the country genre. The voices are spot on pitch wise and right on the beat which weakens the flow and message of love. The female voice is low in the mix, I would bring it up a bit.

Hundredth Valentine by Randy Calligan

Randy Calligan

Broadjam Artist: Randy Calligan
Song: Hundredth Valentine

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Smooth and moody jazz noir, some very nice changes, especially about 1 minute in moving into full band.

Constructive Comments: For me it started of a bit slow but when you moved into the fall band I felt the whole mood pick up in a really nice way. Some of the overlaid vocals sound a tad fake, I know it’s part of the 60’s jazz noir kind of style to have a vocal chorus like this but the sound might stand a real chorus and less effect. The ” kiss you on your hundredth ” line is great and the melody fit very well per the arrangement.

Drunk by Ben Allan

Ben Allan

Broadjam Artist: Ben Allan
Song: Drunk

Reviewer: Lisa Vivienne

Positive Comments: Good melody and beats in this pop/dance song. I enjoyed the over all feel of the song, lending to trance, yet upbeat! Well done!

Constructive Comments: Could not hear all the lyrics in the verses, in fact could not hear any of the lyrics, either due to poor volume or poor pronunciation from the vocalist, who does have a good singing voice. Song has good potential. I liked it.