She’s So Seventeen by Carol Ann Jones

Carol Ann Jones

Broadjam Artist: Carol Ann Jones
Song: She’s So Seventeen

Reviewer: Margie & Art Corey, S. & A. Corey

Positive Comments: Wowza……Joan Jet, Step out of the way, this is KILLER!! Such an attitude with huge vocal power, I think I know who this Super vocalist is, can’t wait to finish this review and see!! The guitars are giant and the mix is Spot On!!! Love this rocker, wish this singer would sing our song???Keep up the terrific job and performances……M & A Corey

Constructive Comments: NOPE Nothing!!! This is over the Moon Great!!!!

So bluE with Cyndi CorkraN by The Song Writers

The Song Writers

Broadjam Artist: The Song Writers
Song: So bluE with Cyndi CorkraN

Reviewer: Margie & Art Corey, S. & A. Corey

Positive Comments: The music is really cool and quite original! I am having trouble understanding the lyrics, but I like the feel of music and the vocalists. They all sound good! Don’t follow this genre, but in some film, this composition could be extremely helpful to further the plot for a scene…..Nice Work, want to hear more!!!

Constructive Comments: Just a small suggestion, bring up the lyrics and maybe slightly check the vocal pitch in places. But again, I really Love the feel in this tune………super job folks!!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

Country Feelin’s-Instrumental by Marilyn Hall

Marilyn Hall

Broadjam Artist: Marilyn Hall
Song: Country Feelin’s-Instrumental

Reviewer: Michael Cregan

Positive Comments: Cool banjo to start off. I’m thinking more of a bluegrass tune than Americana. I like the instrumental nature of it. Good playing on everyone’s part. Catchy. I really like the nature of the bass and the sound of it. This might be good for film and TV placement.

Constructive Comments: I downgraded the quality of sound due to a hiss throughout. Otherwise, alright. I really can’t say any bad things about the tune itself. Nicely done and I am sure there is a place for it.

Been Down This Road by Nick Berry

Nick Berry

Broadjam Artist: Nick Berry
Song: Been Down This Road

Reviewer: Michael Cregan

Positive Comments: Love the piano intro. Nice deep sound. The vocal sound also superb. Vocal itself excellent. Good ballad. Good chord changes.I love the song a lot. Very heartfelt vocal and a good subject and concept.

Constructive Comments: didn’t detect much of a chorus. Or hook, other than “we’ve been down this road before.” Except this line appears in other places in the song, the beginning of a line. For me, that dilutes the impact. At the end of the last line, it has impact. I might also pull back on the voice in the first verse a bit in the second line. Let it build.

About Time by Wayne Ammons

Wayne Ammons

Broadjam Artist: Wayne Ammons
Song: About Time

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Groovin r&b track , maybe shades of Delbert McClinton. Well performed and tight arrangement. Some very nice slide work.

Constructive Comments: Probably more country blues than classic rock but that’s not a big deal. Playing and arrangement is all very good, recording itself sounds kind of flat, as though it is an old copy of a studio track. If not for that I’d say it will sell somewhere because the playing is quite good,the song and hook are pretty catchy, and the whole thing has an infectious quality.

Searchin by FRED GROSS


Broadjam Artist: FRED GROSS
Song: Searchin

Reviewer: Produca X

Positive Comments: First off, the quality of the recording and mixing is excellent! Secondly, the rhymthic guitar parts draws you in. The arrangement is nice. Hell it even inspired me to write to it. I will call it “Ever Since We Met”. That’s the lyrics that came to mind listening to this track. I found myself putting it on repeat. lol. Really Nice.

Constructive Comments: Nothing. It was awesome. I was inspired.

I Just Can’t Seem to Keep My Feet from Walkin’ by Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance

Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance

Broadjam Artist: Norb Studelska/Upper Air Disturbance
Song: I Just Can’t Seem to Keep My Feet from Walkin’

Reviewer: Produca X

Positive Comments: First off the quality of the recording and mixing of the song is excellent! Second, the melody is really nice. The horns and I think a saxophone is very smooth and jazzy.Thirdly, is that nice Ibanez sounding bass line that glues it altogether. Really nice track, I can see this used in film or television. One listen and now I’m a fan.

Constructive Comments: The only thing I would say is a little more raspy vocal would send this track to the moon.

Dance with “Cyndi corkraN” by The Song Writers

The Song Writers

Broadjam Artist: The Song Writers
Song: Dance with “Cyndi corkraN”

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: It’s that trio of Cyndi and the Bayou Boys again. Lazy, sleazy, and passionate Funk with a touch of real sorrow in there. The magic is there, and this combo of talents is getting better every time!

Constructive Comments: Lots of small stuff you could do if you wanted to, mix and arrangement wise but no need if you’re just into having fun and making great tunes!