Anne by Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor

Broadjam Artist: Keith Taylor
Song: Anne

Reviewer: Michael Cregan

Positive Comments: Like the vibe on the intro. vocal is sitting very well in the mix. Strong sound. Good vocal tone. Chorus is clear (many times in review songs, not so). Memorable hook. Like the recording. Piano is great. Good concept. Very, very easy to grab onto.

Constructive Comments: The track would benefit from a bit more energy, just a little too laid back. not bad, just a bit less would be good to me. Good chorus, but I think the verse needs to lend a bit more support–meaning, be up to the standard set by the chorus.

Fantaisie No 1 by Dave Mason

Dave Mason

Broadjam Artist: Dave Mason
Song: Fantaisie No 1

Reviewer: Michael Cregan

Positive Comments: This caught my attention right from the start. This is the first classical piece on Broadjam I’ve reviewed. This seems to be a great melding of classical, a bit of jazz, I hear a slight George Gerschwin (bad spelling)element here and there. the playing is excellent. Bright, positive, energetic playing.

Constructive Comments: i might like to hear a bit more atonal elements in the composition. Aside from that, I don’t really have any suggestions, the piece is very strong as it is.

The Legend with Kimberly Haynes (remix) by Gladstone Avenue

Gladstone Avenue

Broadjam Artist: Gladstone Avenue
Song: The Legend with Kimberly Haynes (remix)

Reviewer: Patrick E. Muth

Positive Comments: nice start easy and easy to listen to. nice ballad. good engineer and artistsis that the artist on the keys?

Constructive Comments: this artist has been singing for a while and knows how to put it out there