Sweet Honey Wine (Oden’s Jar) by Bill Beach

Bill Beach

Broadjam Artist: Bill Beach
Song: Sweet Honey Wine (Oden’s Jar)

Reviewer: Kate Carpenter

Positive Comments: Here’s a love song with a little anti-war thrown in on the side. Nice guitar playing, really nice instrumental section – some pretty fine chops there. Favorite lyric/rhyme, stars/Mars.

Constructive Comments: That was a pretty big jump to throw in the line about barrels and endless wars…kind of off topic. Sounds like a lot of your rhymes came out of dictionary and were a bit unnatural…but it could be just me. “Love’s mythology”…what’s that? Was it low red moon or lurid moon? Hard to understand. 3 drops of wine? Oldest jars? Just sharing how the song hit me…so take it with a grain of salt…or a drop of your honey wine. 🙂

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