Cough, Burp, Sneeze by Kate Carpenter

Kate Carpenter

Broadjam Artist: Kate Carpenter
Song: Cough, Burp, Sneeze

Reviewer: J Edna Mae Thomas

Positive Comments: Great fun song with enjoyable lyrics for kids to sing. Fantastic vibe when the kids join in and sing along. The cluck cluck and burps would be irresistible to kids and they would love this song! Loving all the sound effects too! Fits of laughter would follow this with a group of kids, I’m sure. Catchy sing-a-long tune which is just right for younger children. Great job!

Constructive Comments: This song has a clear structure and the feel of the recording is a live performance to a group of children – which is great. Regarding any comments: There are lots of directions that a song like this could develop into such as:a) extending the clucking bit at the end, where I imagine the kids are moving around, and then bringing it back to a repeat of the chorusb) adding more instrumentation, such as a bass and drums for the chorus.Just a few thoughts but you did a great job with this song.

The Tonic by Chip Salerno

Chip Salerno

Broadjam Artist: Chip Salerno
Song: The Tonic

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: I like to listen to this kind of music when I’m trying on new splashy clothes at the department store. I also like to listen to this kind of electronic music when I’m mixing up some fudge brownies in the kitchen – listening to this music and lavishing creamy chocolatey goodness sounds like a good time to me. My neighbor’s aunt’s co-worker’s husband says he likes this, he’s a mime on Saturdays at the park. I Gotta go now, mom is yelling at me to turn this down.

Constructive Comments: I like how this music begins a la electronica but changes into something more of a New Age feel. I think some of the bass in parts could be dialed back just a tad. Some of the synths would sound better out of the center of the speakers and into the open sound field. Positively speaking, yes, this is a strange sounding piece and unique – which is what this is all about. I did notice a few spots for the drummer, there’s a double – I found it a little distracting. The ‘fart’ sound could be taken out – just my opinion only. Overall though, this is a smooth electronica piece that is a departure from the standard. Please remember, until now, we had never heard this music, do not know the artist or how this was made. We wish you a grand day.


Gary Mazzola

Broadjam Artist: Gary Mazzola

Reviewer: Peter Toussaint

Positive Comments: A beautiful, honest sounding story. Love the dobro in the background, well placed, well played. I hear an influence of Roger Waters in different aspects of the song. I’d really like to hear more of this story telling!

Constructive Comments: The lead vocal placement could be a bit more upfront in the mix for me. Hehehe a small point of criticism… cut off the song when it’s finished. Now the last ten seconds are a complete silence where I was expecting more to come 🙂

Cry Of The Vikings by Moonstone Moods

Moonstone Moods

Broadjam Artist: Moonstone Moods
Song: Cry Of The Vikings

Reviewer: Peter Toussaint

Positive Comments: Love the orchestration! Very well arranged with first cello’s, the rest of strings coming in, horns and choir in the intro. The heavy guitars work very well with the gentler instruments. Big kudos for the production, everything is beautifully balanced and placed in the space, nothing is hidden. Great dynamics as well.

Constructive Comments: I would have loved to hear vocals on this song, I was at first thinking that the intro was long (but not boring at all), but then realized it’s an instrumental (and I make instrumentals too heheh) but with no dominant lead melody line you have laid a bed so suitable for vocals (or any instrument to “tell the story” that it’s almost a shame that it’s not there. Having said that… absolutely beautiful!