All American Girl by Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor

Broadjam Artist: Keith Taylor
Song: All American Girl

Reviewer: Drew Hale

Positive Comments: I really enjoyed listening through this song! Great harmonies in the chorus, and good hook. I enjoy the dynamics of the arrangement. Good peaks and valleys! The recording is warm, especially in the vocals. I like the sentiment in this song as well, who doesn’t love a good love song! Good break in the bridge, and I like the hard panning of the toms. Dynamic arrangement!

Constructive Comments: Constructively, I enjoyed this song a lot. Reminds me of Lee Greenwood, or Diamond Rio, But it definitely feels dated to me. I’m not sure how marketable it is to radio on it’s own in this current format. But it reminds of a song that would have KILLED alongside “The bluest eyes in Texas” back in the early 90’s. Lyrically, I get the desire to connect to the American pride of country fans, but I don’t really get the connection between the girl in the hook of the song, and being “All American”. You talk about how you feel about her, but you don’t really talk about her much, or her personality, or what MAKES her an All American Girl. What is it about her that makes her All American? As a listener, I wanted to know her a little bit more so that I understood your feelings for her. To me, thats what makes a great love song. You get to know the characters a little bit, so you’re emotionally engaged in their love. I enjoyed this song, but I think it has the potential to be better.

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