I’ve Been Lookin by FRED GROSS


Broadjam Artist: FRED GROSS
Song: I’ve Been Lookin

Reviewer: Peter Toussaint

Positive Comments: Oh, I like this very much. A great production of a song that is very catchy. The right balance between raw energy of guitars and vocals on one side and the polished and attentive mixing, making the result credible, original and still full of energy. Maybe because of the mix of male and female vocals I sniff a hint of B-52’s.

Constructive Comments: The extreme panning of the one guitar and vocals do not work for me. I would rather have them 30-70 so that you do not solely rely on the one channel. And then especially when it is the main vocals of the chorus… but that would be my only point in an otherwise impressive production.

Alchemy by Simon Finn

Simon Finn

Broadjam Artist: Simon Finn
Song: Alchemy

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: This is great! The music, the production, the recording quality, the oomph, the energy and the vocalist, everything – it’s all together – and I am quite surprised and I had to get up out of my chair to do a boogie woogie with this number. I can’t wait to hit the big honkin’ play button again. I’m groovin’ and movin’ again … woohoo! Recommended.

Constructive Comments: We gave the overworked personnel in the “Constructive Comments” Department the week off. Have a great day.

Bad Capitalist NEW SAX PARTS!!! by Margie & Art Corey, S. & A. Corey

Margie & Art Corey,  S. & A.  Corey

Broadjam Artist: Margie & Art Corey, S. & A. Corey
Song: Bad Capitalist NEW SAX PARTS!!!

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: This guy sleeps good at night and keeps his coins in a mason jar. Hmmm. He say’s he is just a simple guy. An interesting story is sung by a skilled vocalist, combined with an interesting musical motif that is – different. A mashup perhaps of jazz meets electronic, which meets some pop and some jungle percussion thrown in for good measure.

Constructive Comments: The piano seemed thin in the intro. The bass could have been leveled down a tad in the EQ. I think a little too much bass takes away from the vocals in a few spots. There were a few pitch problems with the vocalist. I liked all the instruments chosen. I think a short pre-chorus could have been used throughout to let the listener cue into a hook of some kind. The vocalist has a very nice voice. I think the lyrics need some work as well as cadence to help the listener follow along better. Please remember, this is a random review and we do not know the artist or how this was made. Have a great day.

Stumbling Upward by Chip Salerno

Chip Salerno

Broadjam Artist: Chip Salerno
Song: Stumbling Upward

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: Thank you for tuning in to Zerix LIVE Weather Radio from Moonscape Base 283 – Today’s Weather is 14 Ryens Warm and 48 metrion rains percentage. Glam fog will be settling in around the Covian Cove Station around 33:00 this evening. In the dawns – expect heavy Zerixian Glisten clouds – but will be clearing around 17:00 for those on the easterly shores. Your axion tram commute should be a smooth one.

Constructive Comments: I’m reminded of something in “outer space” by the elements chosen. I do think the bass could have been pulled back slightly. There’s a few spots where the upper frequencies seem slightly too much. The on-going bell keypad could have been toned down some. Just to make it easier on that range of ‘ouch’ frequencies. Loved those strings playing. Creates a very nice atmosphere. The very high-pitched bells towards the end really need a cut in the upper frequencies. Please remember, until now, we have never heard this before and do not know who the artist is or how it was made. We wish you a happy day.

Cry Of The Vikings by Moonstone Moods

Moonstone Moods

Broadjam Artist: Moonstone Moods
Song: Cry Of The Vikings

Reviewer: HarryBudini

Positive Comments: Could be the soundtrack for a modern action-thriller-horror movie, starts like classical music, for orchestra and choir, but from a certain point on there are hard rock guitars and drums kicking in. It’s very professional.

Constructive Comments: Should be easy to find somebody interested in it for a movie or something.

Jeanie by Randal Dunkle

Randal Dunkle

Broadjam Artist: Randal Dunkle
Song: Jeanie

Reviewer: HarryBudini

Positive Comments: I’m not sure if the drums loop fit very well, I like the song, though.I think the refrain is great. The stuttering on the “j” reminds me of an Aerosmith song [“Jade”], but I don’t mind.

Constructive Comments: I’ve already reviewed this one before – I suppose this is a different mix, but I should listen to the original version side by side with this one to understand if it’s an improvement.

Silent City Sidwalks by Denis Hackett

Denis Hackett

Broadjam Artist: Denis Hackett
Song: Silent City Sidwalks

Reviewer: J Edna Mae Thomas

Positive Comments: Nice intro. Good build up with the story in the lyrics. Interesting chord changes in the bridge. ‘One last gentle kiss……whispers….’ beautiful lyrics – charming.I like the bv’s ‘ooh’s’ and the rhythmic changes in the development in the middle – it adds another dimension to this track.Neat end where it returns to the intro piano hook.Lovely mellow track that is highly listenable.

Constructive Comments: Great job. Very interesting and clever piece to listen to with the chord changes and the rhythmics twists and turns.I’d be inclined to replace the brass sounding keyboard choice with real brass…..and if not possible, maybe a different electronic choice – possibly hammond organ or some other more iconic keyboard – but that’s a small point!The end is very abrupt – sounds as if something has been cut off – I’m guessing it’s not meant to end so abruptly.

Coast City by Bill Dake

Bill Dake

Broadjam Artist: Bill Dake
Song: Coast City

Reviewer: J Edna Mae Thomas

Positive Comments: Interesting guitar intro – captivating. Tight band – some great rhythmic arrangements here with drum, keyboard. Lyrics are mellow and relaxing to listen to – sea dream, breeze, mellow, sun low, golden, stay a while. Folks and gumbo – very americana feel to this song. A beautiful feel good song enhanced by these appealing lyrics.

Constructive Comments: Great job – if I had to say something, I’d suggest some real brass might be a great addition from middle of the song towards the end instead of the keyboard. I think that this would definitely enhance this track – however, having said that, I understand that the financial implications accompanying this suggestions are high and therefore possibly not viable. Something to think about if any writing/performing collaborations are on the horizon.