Moonlight by Peter Toussaint

Peter Toussaint

Broadjam Artist: Peter Toussaint
Song: Moonlight

Reviewer: El Colorado

Positive Comments: Intro is nice really draws the listener into the tune. Really liked the way the lead guitar plays off of the rhythm guitar – they compliment each other very nicely. At the beginning of this song that really works very well. The rhythm of the song works very well in the beginning.

Constructive Comments: Have to say over all this song is too long to fit the idea. Song really comes across as a good idea but needs to be developed a lot more. After about a minute and a half it starts to lose the listener. Bass has been recorded too loud and is causing distortion which gets in the way. The change at 2:50 sounds like a completely new song and doesn’t really work. The synth used in the intro really complements but used at the end it really doesn’t work for me.

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