Silent City Sidwalks by Denis Hackett

Denis Hackett

Broadjam Artist: Denis Hackett
Song: Silent City Sidwalks

Reviewer: J Edna Mae Thomas

Positive Comments: Nice intro. Good build up with the story in the lyrics. Interesting chord changes in the bridge. ‘One last gentle kiss……whispers….’ beautiful lyrics – charming.I like the bv’s ‘ooh’s’ and the rhythmic changes in the development in the middle – it adds another dimension to this track.Neat end where it returns to the intro piano hook.Lovely mellow track that is highly listenable.

Constructive Comments: Great job. Very interesting and clever piece to listen to with the chord changes and the rhythmics twists and turns.I’d be inclined to replace the brass sounding keyboard choice with real brass…..and if not possible, maybe a different electronic choice – possibly hammond organ or some other more iconic keyboard – but that’s a small point!The end is very abrupt – sounds as if something has been cut off – I’m guessing it’s not meant to end so abruptly.

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