Bad Capitalist NEW SAX PARTS!!! by Margie & Art Corey, S. & A. Corey

Margie & Art Corey,  S. & A.  Corey

Broadjam Artist: Margie & Art Corey, S. & A. Corey
Song: Bad Capitalist NEW SAX PARTS!!!

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: This guy sleeps good at night and keeps his coins in a mason jar. Hmmm. He say’s he is just a simple guy. An interesting story is sung by a skilled vocalist, combined with an interesting musical motif that is – different. A mashup perhaps of jazz meets electronic, which meets some pop and some jungle percussion thrown in for good measure.

Constructive Comments: The piano seemed thin in the intro. The bass could have been leveled down a tad in the EQ. I think a little too much bass takes away from the vocals in a few spots. There were a few pitch problems with the vocalist. I liked all the instruments chosen. I think a short pre-chorus could have been used throughout to let the listener cue into a hook of some kind. The vocalist has a very nice voice. I think the lyrics need some work as well as cadence to help the listener follow along better. Please remember, this is a random review and we do not know the artist or how this was made. Have a great day.

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