Sign of the Times by Robert Wuagneux

Robert Wuagneux

Broadjam Artist: Robert Wuagneux
Song: Sign of the Times


Positive Comments: good overall production. this song has elements of jazz, rap latin, and all melt very good. Sax gives a moodyand sexy feeling. Singer voice is ok for this song, melody and chorus besides the “talk” lyrics are easy to remember, so my conclusion is that >Ienjoyed listening this song. and congrats

Constructive Comments: good as it is.

Catfight (Ft.Wes.D 2016) by N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)

N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)

Broadjam Artist: N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)
Song: Catfight (Ft.Wes.D 2016)

Reviewer: Mitch Siegal

Positive Comments: Triply and very different right from the start, dig the intro. I woud actually put this into my personal playlist. Nicely done.

Constructive Comments: None it’s ready for a movie soundtrack. Good luck to you.

Blue Jean Baby by Tristyn Leach

Tristyn Leach

Broadjam Artist: Tristyn Leach
Song: Blue Jean Baby

Reviewer: Mitch Siegal

Positive Comments: Very pretty soulful song. Lyrically strong also has a Leonard cohen vibe to it. I would recommend less production until you can find the right people to do the job and really focus on your vocals because they’re good.

Constructive Comments: Drums sounded programmed and took away from the authenticity of the overall production. Other wise very nice. It’s not what you put in but what you leave out that makes any project great.Good luck to you.

Moroccan Star by Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)

Broadjam Artist: Dave Haddad (CenterPeace)
Song: Moroccan Star

Reviewer: Tom Reardon

Positive Comments: Musicians are excellent. I really like the guitar leads. Reminds me of Riverside. Great dynamics of loud and soft sections. Transitions are really well done.

Constructive Comments: Very nice mix, great balance on all of the parts. I think you have a great song here. Keep making awesome music. Maybe consider getting a great vocalist to take your music to the next level.



Broadjam Artist: RICARDO ALONSO
Song: Rock Show

Reviewer: Tom Reardon

Positive Comments: Great song, reminds me of Kansas. Now all you need is to put some lyrics together and find an awesome vocalist. I think the song has great potential. The musicians are top notch.

Constructive Comments: There is some kind of glitch or distortion at about the 17 second mark, not sure what it was. Other than that,. I really liked the song, it flows nicely and made me want more. I wish it was a little longer.Great work!

Tip Toeing Around Happy (Smooth Jazz) NEW by Mike Cantwell – TalentEast Productions

Mike Cantwell - TalentEast Productions

Broadjam Artist: Mike Cantwell – TalentEast Productions
Song: Tip Toeing Around Happy (Smooth Jazz) NEW

Reviewer: Randal Dunkle

Positive Comments: Very cool sounding drums and saxophone, I also like how the keyboards blend in to the rest of the instruments.

Constructive Comments: I like it very much, I think the bass guitar needs to be turned up though and I also think some lead guitar riffs would make it even sound better – best wishes!

Great Symphony Fun (Top 10 in MD) by Mike Cantwell – TalentEast Productions

Mike Cantwell - TalentEast Productions

Broadjam Artist: Mike Cantwell – TalentEast Productions
Song: Great Symphony Fun (Top 10 in MD)

Reviewer: Randal Dunkle

Positive Comments: I like the way song begins to build up right and the start and then become peaceful and then right back to a crescendo for lack of a better term. I like the special effects and the drums as well.

Constructive Comments: I really like the sound of this one however, I wish it had a bass guitar, I think that would help bring it all together – best wishes!

Don’t Let the Party Stop by Stars of Light

Stars of Light

Broadjam Artist: Stars of Light
Song: Don’t Let the Party Stop

Reviewer: Douglas Branson aka dB+1

Positive Comments: Liking the beginning right from the start. Raw and Definitely Punkish alternative rock. Excellent for a college film. Probably a fun tune live – with extra attitude and ripping smoking guitar lead. The musicianship is first rate, and the production is tight. Vox and harmonies fit the tune perfectly. Love the ending, random and unexpected.

Constructive Comments: No construction criticism. This tune is current, timeless, and alternative pop rock ready for airwaves, tv, and films. Keep it up………………………………………………………………………………………………………..looking forward to checking out some of your other tunes.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda by Vicki Lee

Vicki Lee

Broadjam Artist: Vicki Lee
Song: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Voice reminds me of the old Marianne Faithful, AFTER she had spent 20 years addicted to heroin. By then her voice was all gravely and out of tune. It worked for her, presumably it could work for this artist as well.

Constructive Comments: Lurking within this is the potential for a decent song, but it needs some serious editing. You can only repeat the same line so many times without it becoming an excuse for performing an incomplete song. The vocalist simply does not have the voice to take on a driving country / rock/ pop style, she reminds me a little of the older Marianne Faithful. The one that made a comeback AFTER 20 years of heroin abuse, gravely and out of tune. IMO .. there is the potential for this vocalist to do alternative vocals and have it be effective, but this is produced like a pop song trying to go Nashville, and to my ear it simply doesn’t work.