Pedestrianica by Scott David Cameron

Scott David Cameron

Broadjam Artist: Scott David Cameron
Song: Pedestrianica

Reviewer: Matt Jones

Positive Comments: To me this song really picks up around the 2 minute mark. That brief backing vocal effect is good, maybe have more of that, and the guitar solo that follows it is great. Strong vocals all round.

Constructive Comments: My opinion is the intro/hook is a bit too simple, I’d add more notes to it, but the song got better after that.

Flow Power Flow Instrumental by Kate Carpenter

Kate Carpenter

Broadjam Artist: Kate Carpenter
Song: Flow Power Flow Instrumental

Reviewer: Matt Jones

Positive Comments: Enjoyed the percussion right from the start and the guitar solo was great around 1.50mins in and the harmonica at the end. Can imagine this being used in films about the southern USA some time in the past.

Constructive Comments: Would be nice to have some vocals but still stands nice as it is.