Love may come late by amy abernathy

amy abernathy

Broadjam Artist: amy abernathy
Song: Love may come late

Reviewer: Kitty Matkins

Positive Comments: Wow, I love yur voice and treatment of your original.The lyric content and story is terrific.This already sounds like a hit! Maybe the professionally hit-makers would have more constructive criticism to get this to be a chart topper!Loved the hook!I didn’t get married til my 50’s & your hook has been the sentiment of all my friends!

Constructive Comments: Have you thought about recording this with some mak\le background vocals, also? Maybe the record label who records this for you canpick up the tab when it’s a big hit!Loved your arrangement on this very much also, with your adding the drums in later to add interest. Really worked.Next step for you is America’s Got Talent!

Goodbye looks good on you by Cat Lamondt

Cat Lamondt

Broadjam Artist: Cat Lamondt
Song: Goodbye looks good on you

Reviewer: Kitty Matkins

Positive Comments: Don’t know why I haven’t heard this on the radio yet? Very good hook, excellent subject and story line.You painted the pictures very well with your words, can see and feel the break up and your moving on. Very unique hook I’ve never heard before, and can’t believe I haven’t!! Excellent work!Sounds like you just need more marketing.Loved it !

Constructive Comments: Congratulations! You are obviously a seasoned performer with your own band and tour dates or regular gigs.May I make a suggestion to possibly help market your great song and vocal?What if you also tried an alternate tempo, and arrangement, still keeping it in country, but more up tempo, like Carrie underwood, before he cheats,…just a thought!Loved it,though!

Good getting up morning by Randal Dunkle

Randal Dunkle

Broadjam Artist: Randal Dunkle
Song: Good getting up morning

Reviewer: Kitty Matkins

Positive Comments: I thought your passion and emotion demonstrated in your performance were excellent.You obviously had someone you cared about very much who died and your great biblical truth in your song was great! You may consider getting a friend to record this as an acoustic version and different voice to give your work even wider appeal.

Constructive Comments: Everyone needs this positive message to remind us that there is ore than this life after we die and a fight to be won everyday when we are on this side of eternity.Love your passion. You may personally want to go unplugged!Recording it again hat way, with a little slower tempo may give your song more wide appeal! 🙂

Fearsome Blues by Kate Carpenter

Kate Carpenter

Broadjam Artist: Kate Carpenter
Song: Fearsome Blues

Reviewer: Kitty Matkins

Positive Comments: Wonderful, strong lyrical content!! You probably named this “no fear in love”,…but should be are you scared? I thought the song was VERY appropriate for Vacation bible project.Or marketing pn youtube with cool kids you had backing you up to do the video.You have obviously been writing for awhile.Just need this in every church and school in the nation 🙂

Constructive Comments: You can vary this and get a wider audience if you use a different lead singer with different voie inflections and different laid back jazz style to help the marketing to reach an even wider audience .After all, it is about getting your great content ut for the world to hear, buy and use and eventually change lives!! Great way to get God’s message out!Loved it!!

Barter Time by Floyd Kelly

Floyd Kelly

Broadjam Artist: Floyd Kelly
Song: Barter Time

Reviewer: Randal Dunkle

Positive Comments: I love the sound of the bass guitar especially at the introduction of the song, I also really like the keyboards and special effects, I think this song would also work well in the Jazz category.

Constructive Comments: Great sounding song, really has a tight sound – I think a lead guitar would sound great right in the very last minute of the song – best wishes!

Just Relax by Sandra Ada

Sandra Ada

Broadjam Artist: Sandra Ada
Song: Just Relax

Reviewer: J Edna Mae Thomas

Positive Comments: Captivating into. Good build up of your 4 bar structure. Appealing. Good ending. Nice segment for a relaxing background piece.

Constructive Comments: Perhaps double the melody on keyboard – an 8ve higher on a different instrument – which might provide emphasis. Or you could do the same melody in 8ves. Another thought for development – you could add a contrasting melody.

Into the abyss by N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)

N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)

Broadjam Artist: N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)
Song: Into the abyss

Reviewer: J Edna Mae Thomas

Positive Comments: Intro – interesting build up. I like the piano hook, although used sparsely – and the thumping electronic sound contrasts well with this.

Constructive Comments: Intro – I like the build up but maybe it could be more compact. I might be inclined to take a look at the overall structure and narrow down each section thereby providing more roadmaps for the listener. You could develop the piano/KB hook a bit more – it’s an effective contrast to other electronic sounds.

Golgotha by Randal Dunkle

Randal Dunkle

Broadjam Artist: Randal Dunkle
Song: Golgotha

Reviewer: J Edna Mae Thomas

Positive Comments: Like the intro and the vocal effect in the beginning. I like the hook on the electric guitar – good job. I think this song has great potential. The lyrics are great – the chorus has a great hook.

Constructive Comments: I might be inclined to shift from the vocal effect in the beginning to a clearer vocal for the contrast – it could lift the song into a new dimension thereby creating interest. I might also be inclined to develop the track by giving the impression of increased pace by throwing in some semiquavers on the bass guitar.

Sinnerman by Delta Burnett Reed

Delta Burnett Reed

Broadjam Artist: Delta Burnett Reed
Song: Sinnerman

Reviewer: J Edna Mae Thomas

Positive Comments: Loving the Irish vibe that comes through. Really good differentiation between sections with use of texture and dynamic – really effective. Really enjoyed the instrumentation – great job!

Constructive Comments: I like this song – especially the instrumentation. This is a cover of ‘Oh Sinnerman’ ? So difficult to give it an overall originality rating.