Resurgere (Rage 2013) by N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)

N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)

Broadjam Artist: N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)
Song: Resurgere (Rage 2013)

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: I like to listen to this kind of music when I am going through my stamp collection, walking through shopping malls and not buying anything, or for when I’m mashing potatoes for dinner or taking dramatic selfies. This would go well on my playlist for when I’m raking up all the leaves in autumn or for playing Jenga with Billy. Stephen says this would be nice to listen to when he’s practicing his china-dish juggling/unicycle act. I like these kind of electronic experimental pieces.

Constructive Comments: I think there is more reverb than is needed, and is noticeable at the tail end, the last note – it’s coming from the instrument where it sounds like an on-going bell – if this was cut some, I think it would add more to the mix. This is experimental which lends creativity to both the creator and the listener – hence, my funny first part of this review. It is meant in good fun, I firmly believe all artists need to offer more smiles to each other. If this had been categorized as New Age – my review in the first part would have been more serious. I played this piece three times in my review to make sure what I am saying is correct. I think the intro could have been less “electronic” but it is forgotten as the piece moves along. I like the suspense and the chord progression to create an on-going thriller. I really like that string element playing around the 1:50 mark and then that nice guitar coming in. If there was ever a remix on this, I think some of the percussion elements could be more present to effectively transfer the emotion of suspense and drama to the listener. The distortion guitar is a nice element and makes it contemporary. And then the violas come in and it is very nice – like a glue holding the piece together. I like all the strings and the chords played – it continues the theme very well. This entire piece hinges on New Age – which is a compliment. I think a few changes in the mix would take it out of Electronic Experimental and into New Age. Have a happy holiday season.

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