Nightshade by Fred Kimmel

Fred Kimmel

Broadjam Artist: Fred Kimmel
Song: Nightshade

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: Go on an electronic sound journey where you travel to a musical land of blue teddy bears dancing in skate parks, umbrellas flying through the wind – or, to a land of shimmery lakes patterned with glowing lily pads – and let’s throw in some tall sparkly spires of sweet gem donuts while we are at it. This electronic beat is perfect for those of you who like to do impulsive creative things, or for doing the smooth groove thing.

Constructive Comments: I think the recording is good for this genre. There’s enough elements. I took off marks because I thought it sound a little “thick” and I think a few of the percussion elements could sound a little better – but that’s me, last time I cleaned out me’s ears was probably back in Cleopatra days, me thinks. Have a happy holiday season.

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