Kowloon (Instrumental) by Earl.C.Webb


Broadjam Artist: Earl.C.Webb
Song: Kowloon (Instrumental)

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: This is an electronic ambient musical that has a heave presence in a groovy dark bass line accompanied by a sharp metallic keypad and a curious percussion ensemble. I’ll put this on my playlist when I am working out at the gym.

Constructive Comments: I took off many marks because of the sitar-like sound and the EQ on the instrument could have been better. The instrument is the main character of this piece, so the instrumentation, equalization and recording need to be perfect with this instrument. A serious cut needs to be made in the upper range during an EQ pass. The sound is very harsh and ruins the entire piece – and it has a lot of nice things going on within the piece – and I think the EQ in this instrument really needs to be fixed to make this a more enjoyable experience. I was listening on THX-certified speakers at 33% volume – comfortable listening level and perfect level for any reverb. I listened to this twice before commenting. Have a great new year!

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