(Country) First Words Out of Your Heart (Do help rewrite) by Mike Cantwell – TalentEast Productions

Mike Cantwell - TalentEast Productions

Broadjam Artist: Mike Cantwell – TalentEast Productions
Song: (Country) First Words Out of Your Heart (Do help rewrite)

Reviewer: Kitty Matkins

Positive Comments: I Like the originality.Great hook!!! Love your bridge, even wished you’d get there a little sooner, even.Would love to hear your other songs.I do detect some acoustic rock in your voice and style, which would open up to more possibilities and more licensing opportunities.Would love to hear this song fully developed.

Constructive Comments: You would do well even with a male/female duet on this one.A great band, country or rockabilly could take off with this.I am sure you are already doing quite well in booking performances, but would also love to see and hear a group like the Avett brothers take off with this.I believe they have the audience that would like this with their arrangement.

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