1st Piano Concerto 1st Movement by John Hazlett

John Hazlett

Broadjam Artist: John Hazlett
Song: 1st Piano Concerto 1st Movement

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: This is a classical piece of music with piano, flute and a light and emotionally enticing string section beckoning you to go on a short jaunt to the land of the sad teddy bears perhaps. I think some nice blue swirls of frosting shaped like daisies would make a nice addition. This is relaxation music – perfect for making pastries and playing for customers in the local bakery.

Constructive Comments: Doing a music review for music without lyrics tends to lend creativity to the listener using mental imagery. In these reviews, we don’t know who this we are listening to and have never heard this before. I like to listen 2-3 times to make sure I am adjusted to the recording grabbing mental imagery noting things that may seem to need fixing perhaps… I liked this piece of music. I think another EQ pass could have been done in the mixing to bring the piano slightly more present. I enjoyed the light string section. And, always remember, these are just the thoughts of somebody out in the world somewhere who cooks a lot. Have a happy holiday season.

(Country) First Words Out of Your Heart (Do help rewrite) by Mike Cantwell – TalentEast Productions

Mike Cantwell - TalentEast Productions

Broadjam Artist: Mike Cantwell – TalentEast Productions
Song: (Country) First Words Out of Your Heart (Do help rewrite)

Reviewer: Kitty Matkins

Positive Comments: I Like the originality.Great hook!!! Love your bridge, even wished you’d get there a little sooner, even.Would love to hear your other songs.I do detect some acoustic rock in your voice and style, which would open up to more possibilities and more licensing opportunities.Would love to hear this song fully developed.

Constructive Comments: You would do well even with a male/female duet on this one.A great band, country or rockabilly could take off with this.I am sure you are already doing quite well in booking performances, but would also love to see and hear a group like the Avett brothers take off with this.I believe they have the audience that would like this with their arrangement.

Kowloon (Instrumental) by Earl.C.Webb


Broadjam Artist: Earl.C.Webb
Song: Kowloon (Instrumental)

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: This is an electronic ambient musical that has a heave presence in a groovy dark bass line accompanied by a sharp metallic keypad and a curious percussion ensemble. I’ll put this on my playlist when I am working out at the gym.

Constructive Comments: I took off many marks because of the sitar-like sound and the EQ on the instrument could have been better. The instrument is the main character of this piece, so the instrumentation, equalization and recording need to be perfect with this instrument. A serious cut needs to be made in the upper range during an EQ pass. The sound is very harsh and ruins the entire piece – and it has a lot of nice things going on within the piece – and I think the EQ in this instrument really needs to be fixed to make this a more enjoyable experience. I was listening on THX-certified speakers at 33% volume – comfortable listening level and perfect level for any reverb. I listened to this twice before commenting. Have a great new year!

Mirage (Roads less traveled Ost) by N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)

N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)

Broadjam Artist: N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)
Song: Mirage (Roads less traveled Ost)

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: The boldness of this electronic track took me to a dark world of big dark things and big bold rumblings – indicative a black hole or time warp perhaps. Where was I? Oh yeah, I’m in this time warp you see … and I can see visions of smoke and fires in the distance as if shorelines of old have been destroyed in a war of epic proportions perhaps. A beastly orange sunset lights the backdrop. There’s a warped musical cataclysm in this piece that stamps out any lightness or hope of being and into a dark underworld of scenes beyond dark mysteries. The dark taunts, the drums, the percussion, the fine tuning in equalization in this piece is to be reckoned with if you’re one of these super heroes that’s going to save us all from this time warp!

Constructive Comments: I liked the easy intro to set the environment for the listener. It beckons appropriately. The slight echoes create a nice mystery. I like the slow building and a slight lonely violin? Hmmm… 🙂 I like the constant changing while maintaining a sense of light but dark mystery and then that big entrance. NICELY DONE. And the dark taunts that follow in the dark echo mixing – nice. I liked the warp rumble in the stereo cabinets. Cool die down the 3 minute mark. And here we go again. I love those haunting echoes in the back mixed with the light string section – frickin’ awesome. And love the intro again with the drums. The rest is all spot on and mixed well and nice filling of the sound field. From there on in the the track it seems a tad long, but if this was for a media of some kind – it could be a long scene. Those horn echoes towards the end are very cool and again the warp rumble. I loved the ending! Have a super duper new year.

LAST THING by Gary Mazzola

Gary Mazzola

Broadjam Artist: Gary Mazzola

Reviewer: Randal Dunkle

Positive Comments: I really like the sound of the piano, especially in the beginning – very cool sounding vocals and bass guitar. I also love the Saxophone solo – it’s probably my favorite part.

Constructive Comments: I like this song, very well done. I think it would sound much better if you backed up the saxophone solo with a lead guitar solo towards the end – best wishes!

Resurgere (Rage 2013) by N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)

N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)

Broadjam Artist: N.Jones, Music Designer (Protilius Productions)
Song: Resurgere (Rage 2013)

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: I like to listen to this kind of music when I am going through my stamp collection, walking through shopping malls and not buying anything, or for when I’m mashing potatoes for dinner or taking dramatic selfies. This would go well on my playlist for when I’m raking up all the leaves in autumn or for playing Jenga with Billy. Stephen says this would be nice to listen to when he’s practicing his china-dish juggling/unicycle act. I like these kind of electronic experimental pieces.

Constructive Comments: I think there is more reverb than is needed, and is noticeable at the tail end, the last note – it’s coming from the instrument where it sounds like an on-going bell – if this was cut some, I think it would add more to the mix. This is experimental which lends creativity to both the creator and the listener – hence, my funny first part of this review. It is meant in good fun, I firmly believe all artists need to offer more smiles to each other. If this had been categorized as New Age – my review in the first part would have been more serious. I played this piece three times in my review to make sure what I am saying is correct. I think the intro could have been less “electronic” but it is forgotten as the piece moves along. I like the suspense and the chord progression to create an on-going thriller. I really like that string element playing around the 1:50 mark and then that nice guitar coming in. If there was ever a remix on this, I think some of the percussion elements could be more present to effectively transfer the emotion of suspense and drama to the listener. The distortion guitar is a nice element and makes it contemporary. And then the violas come in and it is very nice – like a glue holding the piece together. I like all the strings and the chords played – it continues the theme very well. This entire piece hinges on New Age – which is a compliment. I think a few changes in the mix would take it out of Electronic Experimental and into New Age. Have a happy holiday season.

Nightshade by Fred Kimmel

Fred Kimmel

Broadjam Artist: Fred Kimmel
Song: Nightshade

Reviewer: Floyd Kelly

Positive Comments: Go on an electronic sound journey where you travel to a musical land of blue teddy bears dancing in skate parks, umbrellas flying through the wind – or, to a land of shimmery lakes patterned with glowing lily pads – and let’s throw in some tall sparkly spires of sweet gem donuts while we are at it. This electronic beat is perfect for those of you who like to do impulsive creative things, or for doing the smooth groove thing.

Constructive Comments: I think the recording is good for this genre. There’s enough elements. I took off marks because I thought it sound a little “thick” and I think a few of the percussion elements could sound a little better – but that’s me, last time I cleaned out me’s ears was probably back in Cleopatra days, me thinks. Have a happy holiday season.


Patrick E. Muth

Broadjam Artist: Patrick E. Muth

Reviewer: Randal Dunkle

Positive Comments: I love the piano introduction and I also like the lead vocals and the horn. Sounds a little like Scott Joplin.

Constructive Comments: Very cool sounding song, I wish the recording was better though – I would record this song over and add a piano solo as well – best wishes!