She Names Her Cars by Bobby Caputo

Bobby Caputo

Broadjam Artist: Bobby Caputo
Song: She Names Her Cars

Reviewer: David J. Hentosh

Positive Comments: I like the feel of this. It has a nice, feel-good groove and the vocal fits smoothly – somewhat like a Paul Simon tune. The bridge worked very well and was just the right length to add interest without being intrusive. Nice guitar work.

Constructive Comments: I would have liked to hear the vocal harmony a little stronger, especially in the chorus. I may be a little picky but I would pan the lead guitar out of the middle some to give more room for the vocal and to give that guitar its own space.

Just The Same by Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor

Broadjam Artist: Keith Taylor
Song: Just The Same

Reviewer: David J. Hentosh

Positive Comments: The guitar and piano work well together in this and I think the harmonies make this much more interesting than it would be without them. It comes across very clean.

Constructive Comments: I realize this is basically a folk-type song and it works that way but I think the addition of a simple drum beat, even if only sporadic, and a bass line would take this to a higher level and make it more interesting as well as more marketable.

Bo Diddley by Greg Lambert

Greg Lambert

Broadjam Artist: Greg Lambert
Song: Bo Diddley

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Bo in the Basement, it’s an honest effort, and frankly, anyone that loves Bo Didley gotta is cool with me.

Constructive Comments: To much to criticizes from a professional level, lets just say the idea is pretty good but the execution needs some work before you hit the streets with it. Levels are off, and I’d try just recording the guitar live with a mic, get rid of the direct signal.

The Wind Is Blowing 2 – Jared LoStracco/Bob Bentley by Bob Bentley

Bob Bentley

Broadjam Artist: Bob Bentley
Song: The Wind Is Blowing 2 – Jared LoStracco/Bob Bentley

Reviewer: Jeff Ashbaker

Positive Comments: Love the start with the accordion and guitar, nice blend. The vocal is very “real” sounding and has a cool vibe with an original sound. Nice touch with second vocal coming in the second section. Great melody, very easy to listen to. A great song of wonder and hope.

Constructive Comments: Great job! loved it, if anything…it’s to short…I wanted more!

The Long Goodbye by The Cram’s

The Cram's

Broadjam Artist: The Cram’s
Song: The Long Goodbye

Reviewer: Bill Dake

Positive Comments: Really like the Latin feel and the hook. Nice instrumental back-up to the singer. Overall balance is good.

Constructive Comments: I think the hook deserves more development of the verse lyrics. What about the relationship is causing this, why is the goodbye so long? Had some trouble understanding some of the lyrics. The breaks become a bit too predictable, you might eliminate the last one and add a bridge back to the chorus. I’d let the last chord fade out naturally rather than so abruptly.You’ve got a good idea here and it just needs a little more tweaking to make it even better.