Baby It’s True (New Version) by Signal 30

Signal 30

Broadjam Artist: Signal 30
Song: Baby It’s True (New Version)

Reviewer: Jeff Maguire

Positive Comments: Retro 50’s pop rock tune where Blondie meets The Ronnettes, very tuneful.

Constructive Comments: Vibe is very enjoyable, lyrics are super simple but in the right context could be just the ticket and get the point across. Vocals seem a little strained for this style, synths sound dated and a little cheap, but it was still very enjoyably to listen to, might cut it by 25 seconds.

Take it Away by Monday Funeral

Monday Funeral

Broadjam Artist: Monday Funeral
Song: Take it Away

Reviewer: Scott David Cameron

Positive Comments: Really nice work man. Great vocals and instrumentation. Enjoyed the harmonies as well. This could easily be a track you’d hear on a TV show.

Constructive Comments: Nothing to criticize here. Only thing I heard/might suggest would have been a “4 on the floor” bass drum beat at some point to further elevate the song.

Some Other Day by Denis Hackett

Denis Hackett

Broadjam Artist: Denis Hackett
Song: Some Other Day

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Lord have mercy this is good. I’m so glad I reviewed one more tune… Oh man the vocals are just outstanding, and the lyrics, melody, changes, structure, and instrumental arrangement are just incredible. What a fantastic tune. It sounds like Willie Nelson and Maria Muldaur conspired here. The chord structure is a lesson all by itself. And a world class vocalist!

Constructive Comments: I like to hear the vocals with more production guts–boosted level and probably a bit of compression to make them sit more on top. It sounds like a midi sax? That’s the only weak link in the tune.

Salvation Song by Randal Dunkle

Randal Dunkle

Broadjam Artist: Randal Dunkle
Song: Salvation Song

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Obviously this is Randal, and it’s a great effort. So much is working really well here–the guitar tone is really pleasing and the playing is smooth and the strumming rhythm works perfectly with the song. You’ve found the sweet spot with how to use your voice. I LOVE the way the phrasing, melody, and changes work together at the “of all yours sins” –that’s really a fantastic moment. Nice simple guitar solo that’s coming from the heart and really works with the tune. The ending is perfect for the tune and message.

Constructive Comments: Man you have really made great strides Randal. So much is working well here–I’m so glad to hear this. If you sent this song to a professional studio to have them do it you’d be amazed at how it would sound because the bones are here. You’ve written an excellent song my friend!

Big Blue by Jeff Maguire

Jeff Maguire

Broadjam Artist: Jeff Maguire
Song: Big Blue

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: On Broadway? Nice groove and changes with some passionate guitar playing.

Constructive Comments: I don’t like to be negative but honestly that guitar tone is painful to my ears. Why not get some mellow overdrive with bite but not all the raspiness. Robben Ford would be a good example of this. The guitar solos are not really good enough to listen to for an extended instrumental (it’s a hard thing to pull off). There are good changes and moments where the solos are really working. But please work on that tone. All IMO of course.

Dreaming Blue Bossa by Steven Furr

Steven Furr

Broadjam Artist: Steven Furr
Song: Dreaming Blue Bossa

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: “Superb” should cover it. Really nice composition with an almost Bossa Nova feel and really good sound. Stellar guitar playing with killer George Benson chops and tone. Excellent rhythm section and the keys are ace. It’s top quality Smooth Jazz and should be on the radio. ’nuff said

Constructive Comments: I’m not a fan of the Marcus Miller scoop mid bass sound with a pronounce roundwound on metal frets growl and the popping. I’d argue for a smoother Crusaders approach to the bass. But that’s just my taste. Excellent work!

Heart by Bobby Caputo

Bobby Caputo

Broadjam Artist: Bobby Caputo
Song: Heart

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: There’s a lot that’s really working well here. Great guitar work that straddles modern Country and the jangly guitar Pop of the 80’s. This could be Kenny Rogers sitting in with REM–which maybe = The Jayhawks! Excellent beat and tempo choice–the song rolls right along, and the song architecture and arrangement are top notch. I love the lead break–that’s some really tasty guitar work. Smooth vocals with really tight following harmonies. I’ll be surprised if this isn’t Bobby Caputo. Nice work!!

Constructive Comments: The overall instrument production doesn’t have quite the umph it should–a bus compressor could make things spank a bit more. The drums have too much room mic and not enough close sound IMO–the snare in particular is a weak, brittle sound when it really should have a good thwack along with the kick. In your opening phrase the vocal is a bit tentative and maybe a little pitchy. This really a female vocalist song I think. The choice of ‘heart’ is difficult because it’s a great word and metaphor but diction wise it’s weak as a single, iterated refrain, due to the sound of the word itself.