I Know Who You Are (#2 BJ-Earth & #1 Jazz, Jazz-Standards)) by Chet Nichols

Chet Nichols

Broadjam Artist: Chet Nichols
Song: I Know Who You Are (#2 BJ-Earth & #1 Jazz, Jazz-Standards))

Reviewer: Nigulat

Positive Comments: I especially like the atmosphere the song creates. I can image hearing it at a lounge bar and people enjoying it!

Constructive Comments: May be that I am not a native English speaker or may be where the singer comes from, but there are parts where the words do not sound real clear to me. But that’s OK on the whole.

THAT’S HOW LONG (featuring Troy Walls-vocal) by Sam Cooper

Sam Cooper

Broadjam Artist: Sam Cooper
Song: THAT’S HOW LONG (featuring Troy Walls-vocal)

Reviewer: Nicolle & The Joonoos

Positive Comments: Could almost imagine Blake Shelton singing this! It’s a similar tone/ pitch that he would sing in. Love the story-telling style of the lyrics and honesty, very true to country music, and the change in some of the lyrics in the chorus keeps the listener’s attention, whereas the concept of “that’s how long we’ll be in love” remains as the theme throughout, much as the hook should, so the audience is not alienated by the other changes.

Constructive Comments: I would consider a more upbeat tempo, to reflect the positive lyrics and to push the track forwards. I like the ambiguous overall sound that the bluesy feel gives as they reflect the qualifier “if”, used within the chorus but feel that some aspect of the production are played slightly safe, however, perhaps this is because this song is more of a traditional country song as opposed to a contemporary one. I could imagine this track with more of a dancing rhythm: it would contrast nicely with the heartfelt, romantic words.

Juicy by Cyniman


Broadjam Artist: Cyniman
Song: Juicy

Reviewer: Tony Marino

Positive Comments: Not something I would normally listen to but it does hook the listener quickly. I wold say this could be a fun nightclub song, would probably fun to dance to. Recording is decent. Right length of song. Voice is good. Like how it ends.

Constructive Comments: Although it sounds a little dated, I still enjoyed it and would love to hear it at a club. The words are a bit hard to understand but give it a good syncopation. The singers voice is good. Length of song is just right, good build up nicely ended.

green carnations by stefo


Broadjam Artist: stefo
Song: green carnations

Reviewer: Tony Marino

Positive Comments: Beautiful voice. Melodic. Instrumentation nice and subtle but intriguing. Words are beautiful. I think the song was very well done. I would add it to my music list. Even play it at a dinner party. Well done all around. Good luck.

Constructive Comments: I wouldn’t change a thing. The singer has a beautiful voice, nice control. Piano playing is nice. Words are meaningful, well written. Melodic, Catchy, Enchanting, Classy. Beautiful arrangement. Perfect song length. Recording is well done.

Omni Play by Paul Messina

Paul Messina

Broadjam Artist: Paul Messina
Song: Omni Play

Reviewer: Tony Marino

Positive Comments: Relaxing song. Makes me feel like I’m floating. Playing is good. Good sax. Nice mix of instruments. Even though it is long is has a good chill vibe to it. I would probably listen to it relaxing on a Saturday evening. Like how it ends with the congos at the end. Well done. Good Luck.

Constructive Comments: Even though this is a long song, it does allow listener to just relax and chill. Not totally sold on the vocals but I prefer more instrumental songs than others may. Instrumental mix was nice and used well throughout the song.

Just As I Am by Josh Walker

Josh Walker

Broadjam Artist: Josh Walker
Song: Just As I Am

Reviewer: Tony Marino

Positive Comments: Nice job. Good arrangement. Instrumentation as well as rhythms are nice, and pleasing to the ear. I would play this at a dinner party or to relax to on a weekend. Even though it is a bit long, it does hold your attention. Good job. Good luck.

Constructive Comments: My only comment would be that it starts out a bit too slow for my taste. I like it most from about 50 secs in. However, another listener may enjoy that slow build up. Once it hits 50 secs though you have me hooked for the duration. Good job.

Evolutionary Tendencies II by Zeiko


Broadjam Artist: Zeiko
Song: Evolutionary Tendencies II

Reviewer: Tony Marino

Positive Comments: Very nice. Well done. I was initially going to pass on this song selection, as it is not a genre I would usually listen to BUT the song caught my ear and drew me in, and I ad to listen to the end. Bravo to you. Good sound quality. Like how artist ended it as well.

Constructive Comments: Well done. Not sure that the vocal part (?) was necessary, but the song was well arranged, catchy and pleasing to the ear. I can tell that you enjoy making music. Keep up the good work. Best of luck.

i am stretched on your grave by stefo


Broadjam Artist: stefo
Song: i am stretched on your grave

Reviewer: Tony Marino

Positive Comments: Nice job. Vocals have an unusual, pleasant sound – and I mean that in a very positive way. Words are beautiful. I would listen to this song on a relaxing weekend morning. The arrangement is good, the wording is powerful, and the music is very pleasing to the ear. Well done.

Constructive Comments: Wouldn’t change a thing. Very nicely done. I would recommend to my friends. Talented artist. Keep up the good work. Good luck.