Child of the ’80s by Jason Kessler and ProRS

Jason Kessler and ProRS

Broadjam Artist: Jason Kessler and ProRS
Song: Child of the ’80s

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Very very clever lyric and arrangement work here. There’s some top notch musicality and original artistry. We’re almost at the point where listening adults won’t know some of the references but man I sure do. This is a very cool concept–nice job!

Constructive Comments: The session was left open, and I can’t get your song to play again but did want to leave comment. IMO I think this is too much of a downer–it’s got a heaviness that doesn’t work that well. That’s IMO of course and only meant as helpful input. I think you could work a more playful version of this and it would really work well. Again, I wanted to listen more but the player isn’t responding. I’ll listen again when I see who this is / song. Maybe exchange more notes on it if you’re interested.

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