Broadjam Artist: FRED GROSS
Song: Space


Positive Comments: Wow, what a trip!!. Excellent overall production. Like a lot the percussion sounds, with punch and not those tiny sounds often founded in electronic music. very good bass skills. Seems a song that each instrument (bass, percussion and synth) are in their own world and yes it is!! but all sounds mold together in very peculiar way. This is not easy listening, you need to concentrate a lot for getting the best of this song. congrats!!

Constructive Comments: god as it is, it is unique.

Child of the ’80s by Jason Kessler and ProRS

Jason Kessler and ProRS

Broadjam Artist: Jason Kessler and ProRS
Song: Child of the ’80s

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Very very clever lyric and arrangement work here. There’s some top notch musicality and original artistry. We’re almost at the point where listening adults won’t know some of the references but man I sure do. This is a very cool concept–nice job!

Constructive Comments: The session was left open, and I can’t get your song to play again but did want to leave comment. IMO I think this is too much of a downer–it’s got a heaviness that doesn’t work that well. That’s IMO of course and only meant as helpful input. I think you could work a more playful version of this and it would really work well. Again, I wanted to listen more but the player isn’t responding. I’ll listen again when I see who this is / song. Maybe exchange more notes on it if you’re interested.

Blues for Danni (instrumental) by Earl.C.Webb


Broadjam Artist: Earl.C.Webb
Song: Blues for Danni (instrumental)

Reviewer: Ober Rivers And His DUI’S

Positive Comments: Smooth R&B grooving along the highway with the top down and the ocean in the background.

Constructive Comments: Definite mood set, possibly there are commercial settings for a track like this. Not really a melody or hook per se, pretty much just riffing in a blues style. Personally I really need to hear melody and some development in an instrumental, but this is well played as incidental background music.

Zander by Dave Mason

Dave Mason

Broadjam Artist: Dave Mason
Song: Zander

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Really fun piece with super tight playing, arrangment, and sounds. This could have been a theme show for a TV show in the 70’s, and everyone my age would immediately associate it with a time and mood. There’s a groove in the middle that reminds me of Parliament’s Flashlight. There’s tremendous skill and attention to detail in this work. This was really fun, and I listened about five times. It gets better each time.

Constructive Comments: The sounds are kinda goofy but I think that’s intentional.

Gonna Be On Time by Patrick E. Muth

Patrick E. Muth

Broadjam Artist: Patrick E. Muth
Song: Gonna Be On Time

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: The intro is really cool. The vocals sound so much like Chuck Prophet!! Nice psychedelic meets Dr John feel here. And no small amount of Electric Ladyland vibe! I’m pretty sure this is the American expat in Belize (forget the name). You have to have lived in the 60’s or 70’s to be able to make this kind of music.

Constructive Comments: The rhythm isn’t quite jelled. More emphasis on the accents and a bigger groove with a more bottomy bass tone could make a big difference here. And adding some response vocals and harmonies would be great. This is a super cool tune in the rough.

Revival by Osea Codega

Osea Codega

Broadjam Artist: Osea Codega
Song: Revival

Reviewer: Jeff Roberts

Positive Comments: Nice riff right from the beginning. There’s a good melancholy mood and the arrangement is paced to display new parts throughout and keep the interest level high.

Constructive Comments: The string patches are too bright IMO–I’d want to try something softer (it’s hard to find a sweet patch…I know!). Where you have drum fills it clashes with the piano. I think you don’t need those busy fills and let the piano speak without competition. The piano parts could be more languid and elegant, as could the whole thing–I think going more slow and dramatic would work with what you’re doing here. All IMO of course.

Lucky One by Keith Taylor

Keith Taylor

Broadjam Artist: Keith Taylor
Song: Lucky One

Reviewer: Bobby Caputo

Positive Comments: Very enjoyable demo…would love to hear with a full production. Singer was great in convincing me that he wasn’t the lucky one…simple idea, but a darn good one. Lyrics were solid…rhythm guitar sounded great.

Constructive Comments: The filler guitar missed on several occasions…kinda distracting…thought it ended weird.