The Old Rugged Cross by Josh Walker

Josh Walker

Broadjam Artist: Josh Walker
Song: The Old Rugged Cross

Reviewer: Billy Pilgrim

Positive Comments: Wow… super sharp and keenly cool. I love this thing. A great version because of the fine musicianship, arrangement and production. But the ability to make this tune fresh and bring it to the masses in a truly beautiful way is what really makes this thing sing. Bravo. Bravo indeed.

Constructive Comments: I’m astonished and amazed at this beautiful rendition, performance and production. Kudos. Take real good care,Billy

Samantha’s Smiling Eyes by John Hazlett

John Hazlett

Broadjam Artist: John Hazlett
Song: Samantha’s Smiling Eyes

Reviewer: Billy Pilgrim

Positive Comments: Calming and enchanting come to mind when listening in to this piece. The different sections keep things interesting from the beginning to the very end. And the addition of different instrumentation throughout add to the theme well. Fine work!

Constructive Comments: What, this thing isn’t synched on tv or the big screen yet?Take good care,Billy

Juicy by Cyniman


Broadjam Artist: Cyniman
Song: Juicy

Reviewer: Billy Pilgrim

Positive Comments: Try to stay seated while listening to this. And if you can… something’s gotta be wrong with you!..because this thing will get you jumping up and around from the first bar. Bam! Putting fun into funky and keeping it all sweet and modern-sounding. Good stuff all around. Love it!

Constructive Comments: Keen and cool for sure.Take good care,Billy

Forever and Always by Brenda Craven

Brenda Craven

Broadjam Artist: Brenda Craven
Song: Forever and Always

Reviewer: Josh Walker

Positive Comments: This is a classy sounding tune with nice instrumentation. The synth I think blends pretty well with everything.

Constructive Comments: I think the melodic hook and improv could use a little work. To my ears, it sounds like the piano is playing somewhat unfocused and causes the song to sound a little stalled.Either maybe add a B section or find some kind of variety, either of instrumentation or feel or harmony. I like good drum programming with smooth jazz, but this sound maybe could use some eq, as the rim click is very high pitched and doesn’t blend too well with the rest of the instrumentation.

Silk by Kevin Winkel

Kevin Winkel

Broadjam Artist: Kevin Winkel
Song: Silk

Reviewer: Josh Walker

Positive Comments: What a great feel to start the tune with – nice conga and drum set sound! Every instrument used is appropriate for the arrangement, and there’s a good sense of variety during the different sections. Good use of space as well. Everything is done very tastefully and with great musicianship.

Constructive Comments: Is that a synth trumpet? If so, it doesn’t quite sound right. That’s really the only thing I hear that sounds somewhat out of place. If it’s real, maybe it has some effect that changes the tone. But that’s me being picky. Great tune and well recorded and mixed! I would love to hear an extended version of this song.

Tin Pan Alley (Jazz Blues Instrumental) by Steve Dafoe – Songwriter

Steve Dafoe - Songwriter

Broadjam Artist: Steve Dafoe – Songwriter
Song: Tin Pan Alley (Jazz Blues Instrumental)

Reviewer: Josh Walker

Positive Comments: I love the shuffle groove and the cool instrumentation – great trumpet sound! I like the laid back feel the rhythm section lays down.

Constructive Comments: I heard kind of an awkward edit point at :48 and 1:52. I know there’s some momentum throughout as the trombone and sax interplay with the trumpet, but it needs something else, more variety between the alternating A and B sections.

The Good Days by FRED GROSS


Broadjam Artist: FRED GROSS
Song: The Good Days

Reviewer: Ober Rivers And His DUI’S

Positive Comments: Very nice , flowing, and tuneful guitar playing.

Constructive Comments: Playing is nice, recording has a bit of sharpness to it that is not necessarily pleasing, drums a bit static. Overall nice Clapton type of blues playing, decent touch and phrasing, I might like to hear a more properly formed melody.

How I Roll (Instrumental) by LaWanda Macik

LaWanda Macik

Broadjam Artist: LaWanda Macik
Song: How I Roll (Instrumental)

Reviewer: Josh Walker

Positive Comments: Great groove and Brazilian bossa flavor! I love the bass line and overall harmony. I assume this is a type of mood piece or background music since there isn’t a real hook here. The B section works well against the A section in my opinion. I could see it in a movie scene or possibly a documentary.

Constructive Comments: This is just a taste thing and subjective, but I could probably use a little more volume in the brass stabs. However, I did like the trumpet solo volume later in the song. Otherwise, great piece!

Sailing the Caribbean by Paul Messina

Paul Messina

Broadjam Artist: Paul Messina
Song: Sailing the Caribbean

Reviewer: Josh Walker

Positive Comments: My first impression was, wow, nice mix and great sounds, from the keyboard to the percussion and sax and the piano lines weaving through! The simple form is what you’d expect from contemporary smooth jazz, using it as a platform for the great sax and guitar soloing.

Constructive Comments: This is picky, but there were a couple of places where the groove was a little off, one of them towards the beginning. The very opening was great, and then I heard the cabasa or piano or both off a little and it took a second or two for me to reconnect to the groove. Otherwise great track!