Let’s start the fire by Osea Codega

Osea Codega

Broadjam Artist: Osea Codega
Song: Let’s start the fire

Reviewer: Josh Walker

Positive Comments: This is a nice upbeat song with some cool harmonies.

Constructive Comments: I hear a stray note starting at 2:02 on the Gm chords – it sounds like a Db to me, not positive. Overall, I think the keyboard sounds could work in the right environment, but the arrangement sounds dated to me. The end also sounds unnecessarily long. I know vocals are a personal thing, so I don’t want to be harsh, but it sounds like you’re trying to sing a little above your range. It sounds as if the heavy reverb is intentional. If so, I would look at the mix and try to create space for that. As it is, it’s covering up the keyboard texture.

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