Nicolette by Bob Higgs

Bob Higgs

Broadjam Artist: Bob Higgs
Song: Nicolette

Reviewer: James Beck

Positive Comments: I listened twice, but I couldn’t understand the opening line. It reminded me of Bob Dylan and Roger Millar. Much better voice, though. Excellent rhythm. Kept me bouncing in my seat throughout. The Intro caught me right away. I found the Outro a little long, but that may just have been my mood. Professional, well-made recording. Nice and moody. Congratulations. Top shelf job.

Constructive Comments: There’s probably a simple wave form tweak that you could apply to sharpen up the opening line. Probably not that important, all things considered. Made me think of Scarlet Johansson. Not that the specific silhouette necessarily matters as much as getting some evocative reaction. I only mention it because I don’t usually think of her in any context. Good luck with this one.

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